Are Calla Lilies Annuals or Perennials

Are Calla Lilies Annuals or Perennials?

Do you know if Calla Lilies are annuals or perennials? Annual plants grow for just one season and shrink off. On the other hand, Perennial plants keep on growing every season.

Sometimes you might be given calla lilies flowers as a gift. This might get you thinking of what next to do with them. You might be wondering if it is possible to keep your calla lilies every year or for just one season. Read on and we will help you discover this.

Annuals or Perennials Calla Lilies

A lot of times, most people treat their calla lilies plant as annuals. After buying potted calla lilies flowers or when they get them as a gift, they tend to discard them after a season. Thinking they are annual and because their blooms are done.

In actual sense, calla lilies are perennials. This means that you can watch your calla lilies grow and bloom again the next year.  This mainly depends on how you handle your plant.

Annuals or Perennials Calla Lilies

Factors That May Affect Your Calla Lilies Being Annual or Perennial

There are some factors (such as climatic factors) to consider if you want your calla lilies to last long and bloom every year.

  • Temperature: climatic factors such as temperature can help or hinder your plant. Calla lilies do well when you expose them to moderate temperatures. But extremely high temperatures can harm the rhizome of your flower.
  • Winter: you will need to keep your calla lilies indoors during winter. Extreme cold can destroy the rhizome of your flower and you won’t see them come back the next year.

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How to Maintain Your Calla Lilies

How you handle your calla lilies matters a lot as it will determine if your flower will be annual or perennial. Below are some ways to maintain your plant:

  • Potted flower: Keeping your calla lilies potted is a good solution. This way you get and grow your potted calla lilies as perennial either indoors or outdoors. Outdoors calla lilies are more susceptible to drought. This is why you should always observe the moisture of your plant daily.

The indoor potted plant can most likely be watered every 2- 3 days.

  • Moist soil: To enhance perennial growth, always maintain an evenly moist soil so the top of your flower does not dry out completely.
  • Sunlight: Your calla lilies will need an all-day moderate sun supply or a little afternoon shade. This will help your calla lilies yield healthy leaves with good growth.
  • Garden Calla lilies: You can put your calla lilies outside your garden during spring and summertime. Then during the first frost fall or winter, you take your plant back inside.

Annual Calla Lilies

You may decide you want your calla lilies to be annual. Therefore, you can simply treat them as annual.

Also, there are a few calla lilies varieties that may not survive in harsh conditions. Assuming you are concerned about the climate condition in your zone.  Then you can treat your calla lilies as annual and simply replace them every year.