Areca Vs Majesty Palm – 5 Major Differences Between These Two

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In this article, we will discuss the major differences one can point out in areca vs majesty palm trees as well as their similarities.

Palm trees are a great way to make your garden or indoor space look like a tropical paradise. People add these popular and gorgeous plants to their gardens because they are very easy to grow and attractive. But because there are so many varieties of palms to choose from, selecting one for your indoor spae can be a bit of an overwhelming task.

In this article, we will dig deeper into the characteristics of two of the most popular palms, the Areca and Majesty palms.

The Areca Palm

Dypsis lutescens, the Areca palm is a common household plant that is often used for decoration and is liked for its edible fruits. It has long been used as a medicinal plant in countries such as India. It has also been used to make an intoxicating drink called areca nut, and the fruit is used as a snack.

The tree trunk is also used for construction purposes. While its leaves can be used for food storage and particular methods of cooking. The fruit of the area palm is often dried and ground into a powder for use as a spice.

Areca Palm and Fruits

Areca nuts have a rich taste and are generally considered to be one of the world’s most bitter fruits. They have a very high calcium content and are also a good source of protein. The tree can grow up to 39 feet tall and can live for up to 10 years. It is also extremely resilient and can tolerate drought, extreme temperatures, and poor soil.

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Majesty Palm

The majesty palm, Ravenea rivularis is a tropical palm that is native to Madagascar. This palm tree is commonly found in landscaping projects in homes throughout the world. It has become a popular choice for landscaping because of its unique shape and leaves.

Its leaves are arranged in a way that resembles a majestic crown, hence the name. The majesty palm tree can grow up to 100 feet tall when in its natural habitat. The plant is grown in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world, such as in Africa and Asia.

The leaves of the majesty palm tree can be used for food storage and for particular methods of cooking

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Differences Between Areca Vs Majesty Palm

Although these two palms are both stunning and popular garden plants, they have some differences that are important to know. Five of the major differences between Areca Vs Majesty Palm are:

1. Indoor size

Areca palms tend to be smaller and only grow to 4-10 ft indoors, while Majesty palms grow bigger at 5-15 ft.

2. Outdoor size

When grown outdoors, Areca palms will grow to 25-30 ft in height, and Majesty palms get up to 80 ft.

3. Grow pattern

The leaves of Areca palms grow in clusters, whereas Majesty palms grow from a single stem.

4. Appearance

Areca palms are often mistaken for grass due to their wispy fronds. Majesty palms, on the other hand, have fronds with the feathery appearance of a typical palm.

5. Light preference

Areca palms do well in partial sun while Areca palms prefer full sun to thrive.

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Similarities Between Areca Vs Majesty Palm

Both palms can be grown in containers or in the ground. They are both adaptable and fairly easy to grow, and require similar growing conditions in USA Hardiness Zones 9-11. Both plants also require minimal maintenance, which is part of the reason why they are so popular.

Another advantage of both these plants is that they are non-toxic to both animals and humans. So you can freely plant these without worrying about your kids or pets.

Be careful to provide these plants with high temperatures, as they do not do well with low temperatures.

Similarities Between Areca And Majesty Palm

Take Home – Areca Vs Majesty Palm 

Areca and Majesty palms are tropical plants. This means that they require warm temperatures to grow well. Given these conditions, they will absolutely thrive.

It can be difficult to choose between these two as they are both decorative plants, so why not grow both? If you absolutely have to choose, however, remember that Areca palms tend to be smaller in size so they are better suited for indoor environments and Majesty palms grow taller and may be better suited for the outdoors!


Is majesty palm the same as areca palm?

No. Areca palm and Majesty are both tropical trees but they are different in size, appearance and light requirements.

How do you identify a majesty palm?

Majesty palms have long, spiny leaves with a distinctive look. They also have a tall, vertical trunk, which is covered with greenish-yellow, peeling bark. The fronds grow in a spiral pattern around the trunk. 

What does an areca plant look like?

It has very long, spiny leaves, and a tall trunk with peeling bark. The palm is also distinguished by its fruit, which is a round ball about the size of a small orange and is covered in large, sticky seeds.

What's the difference between an areca palm and a majesty palm?

Areca palms tend to be smaller sized and have a grass like appearance, while Majesty palms grow larger in size and have a more traditional palm like appearance with fan like fronds.

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