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5 Best Lawn Mowers For Steep Banks

5 Best Lawn Mowers For Steep Banks

Ride-on models are some of the best lawn mowers for steep banks because they cope well on inclined areas and saves you time. But, don’t rule out walk-behind mowers that can also maneuver with ease and quiet. They are also quite affordable for most homeowners to afford.

Hilly yards look beautiful especially with their grass all mowed. Any incline above 15 degrees is challenging to mow, most lawn mowers are designed to mow up to this level.

Varieties of Lawn Mowers for Steep Banks 
5 Best Lawn Mowers For Steep Banks
5 Best Lawn Mowers For Steep Banks

There are plenty of mowers that can take on step gardens. Mowers come in different capabilities to handle various kinds of grounds. 

  • Riding Mowers. These are expensive machines made for hilly lawns. They are more powerful and make grass cutting easier. They are best for large gardens because they work faster than the walk behind. It is important to note that though these riding mowers are for hilly areas, they have a higher risk of tipping over. This can be dangerous to the user, so you must exercise extra caution when using them. Only cut the grass on steep areas when it’s dry not during the wet season. This will keep you safe from sliding with the riding mowers. 
Varieties of Lawn Mowers for Steep Banks - Riding Mowers
  • Robotic Mowers. These mowers can mow both flat and hilly lawns. They can work on gradients of up to 25 degrees without any issue of rain or shine. This is something most riding mowers won’t do. Robotic mowers have the advantage of you won’t need to be present at all to have the work done. Set it up and it will take care of the lawn mowing for you. 
  • Zero-turn Mowers. They come in two types – riding and walk behind. They can turn 360 degrees on the spot without you moving around with them. The front wheels can spin meaning they can turn within their trajectory. This feature gives them incredible maneuverability. It is efficient for working on larger hilly lawns. 

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Best Lawn Mowers for Steep Banks Using Man Force

  • Walk-behind Mowers. These are the cheapest mowers compared to other varieties. They are also considered to be the safest. These mowers allow you the freedom and flexibility to maneuver them how you want. They are the most tiresome because you drive them with your strength. If you choose this variety, make sure the machine is either four-wheel drive or has a real wheel. The extra power driving the wheels will make your job easier.
  • Hover Mowers. These mowers are not as effective as the walk-behind mowers especially when it comes to steep hills. Hover mowers are best used in small banks where they maneuver with ease. They float above the grass and can be swept in a sideways motion to cut the grass on the bank with ease. 
Best Lawn Mowers for Steep Banks Using Man Force

Before you make up your mind to get a new mower, you need to first establish the terrain of your yard. Is it hilly, flat, rugged, or loaded with obstacles? Once you have established that, you can be able to pick the right mower.

List of The Best Lawn Mowers For Steep Banks

#1 Snapper XD 21-Inch 82V Cordless Self Propelled Lawn Walk Mower 


  • Comes with a push start button 
  • Has a 21-inch steel mowing deck 
  • 3-in-1 design with a bag, mulch and, side discharge 
  • Has a single lever
  • Mows for 45 minutes without stopping 
  • Load sensing technology
  • 7 position height adjustment
  • Has a large 1.6-bushel bagger

Snapper XD is a cordless mower that has unique advantages. It has zero emissions, zero expenses on gasoline, and zero noise. If you are a fan of cordless tools, it is not hard to notice this beauty.

It is powered by 2 long-lasting batteries of brush-less motor technology. Snapper XD is a self-propelling walk mower with power and reliability for many years. Due to the brushless motor technology, it will need very little maintenance. 

It will cut for up to 45-minutes without requiring a recharge… meaning it mows up to a ½ acre on one charge!

The 21-inch deck can adjust up to 7 height positions. The height adjustment helps you get a comfortable position to mulch, bag or even side chute the grass clippings with ease. 

Its smart load sensing technology enables it to adjust the efficiency of the cutting blades and the cutting blades. It features a push start button making it friendly to work with. In a nutshell, this cordless walk-behind lawn mower is an excellent choice.  


  • It is powerful and hard to differentiate from gas-powered mowers 
  • Works great on hilly areas 
  • Well constructed to serve you for many years
  • Super quiet not like the noisy mowers 
  • Cheaper to run and environmentally friendly


  • The replacement battery is expensive 

#2 Greenworks 40V 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower, 4Ah & 2Ah Batteries with Charger Included


  • 70 minutes battery power
  • Comes with dual batteries for backup
  • One battery that fits all 40V systems
  • Has a double blade 
  • Offers 40V of power
  • 20-inch cutting deck 

GREENWORKS 40V is a double blade mower designed to offer better mowing, bagging, and mulching. It comes with 1 battery that fits the entire 40V system of this brand. This includes over 40+ tools to choose from. The 1 battery fits every tool for every job making it easy to use the GREENWORKS tools.

This 40V mower is perfect for yards of up to 1/3 acre with a battery life of up to 70 minutes. The dual battery automatically switches to the backup battery to offer a longer running time. All this is possible without the use of gasoline, cables, and maintenance. 


  • Dual blades offer better cut quality and superior bagging and mulching abilities
  • The 20-inch cutting deck offers a great balance between cutting capacity and maneuverability for an ideal medium-sized cut.
  • The innovative intelligent cutting technology adapts the performance to the thickness of your lawn. 


  • Except for the electronics, everything else is made of plastic

#3 WORX WR150 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower


  • Weather-resistant 
  • Up to ½ acre mowing strength 
  • Fully automatic lawn robot 
  • Uses mobile application to work
  • Comes with the cut to edge function 

WORX LANDROID mower is a robotic mower that is very efficient. It is one of the best lawn mowers for steep banks. It creates an algorithm based on the size and conditions of your lawn. 

With both the mobile app and Find my LANDROID GPS connectivity you can control the LANDROID mower from anywhere. 

LANDROID mower is weather-resistant and intended for outdoor living. It has a rain sensor that allows it to keep away from the rain to avoid sliding in the steep banks. 


  • Designed to mow up to ½ an acre
  • The cut to edge feature allows the blades to mow closer to the edge of the lawn leaving less area for cutting.
  • Allows adjustment of the mowing plan
  • Allows you to remote control this mower with a practical mobile app


  • The wheels slip easily and lose traction on flat, dry grass

#4 Sun Joe iON16LM 40-Volt 16-Inch Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower, Kit (w/4.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger), ION16LM


  • Simple push-button 
  • Ergonomic handles 
  • Robust front and rear wheels 
  • Rechargeable lithium battery 
  • 40 minutes of operation 
  • Robust front and rear wheels 

Sun Joe iON16LM is ideal for use on small to medium-sized lawns. It is easy to use and ready with a simple push of a button. Its ergonomic handle allows the user to have maximum comfort during use. 

It has a compact design that features robust front and rear wheels allowing trouble-free maneuvering in tight spaces. SUN JOE is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery delivering up to 40 minutes of quiet operation. This model has no carbon emissions thus leaving clean air behind.  


  • Ideal for small to medium-sized lawns
  • No pull cords, oil, gas, or tune-ups. 
  • No carbon emissions or entangled cords
  • A powerful brushless motor increases motor performance, battery efficiency, eliminates noise and vibration during operation, and extends the motor life. 
  • Offers mowing options with bag and injection chute

#5 Honda 21” Side Discharge Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mower Lawnmower – HRS216VKA


  • 2 position handle 
  • Freewheeling smart drive technology 
  • Easy to start GCV160 engine 
  • Razor-sharp twin cutting blades 
  • Auto choke
  • Cutting adjustments up to 6 positions

Honda is one of the best lawn mowers for steep banks using less gas than other models. It is easy to start due to its GCV160 engine. Honda comes with a fast accelerating smart drive, micro-cutting blade, and other helpful features. This model has a variable speed that mows the lawn fast enough. 

A simple pull can start this mower and mows across the winding terrain. It has foam grip handles that are comfortable and safe to keep your grip firm. If you lose control it automatically shuts off the engine making it safe for use avoiding risks of accidents.

The Honda mower is approved by CARB and EPA as eco-friendly to the environment. It is very easy to control and keeps you healthy as you take up that journey of walking behind it. 


  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Easy to startup 
  • Packs plenty of horsepowers and climbs easily 
  • Low usage of gas which is an affordable option


  • Produces annoying vibrations 


Mowing hills can be quite dangerous! You can minimize the damage by using the right tools. It is best to choose the best mower with a walker as you don’t have chances of rolling over as you work. If you are working on a large slope, it can be quite tedious but the safest way to get things done. 

A ride-on mower can only be used in extreme circumstances even if you have a large yard. Always be safe and remember that rolling with a ride-on mower can be fatal to your life. In everything we do, better safe than sorry!