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Everything about a broken snake plant leaf and how to fix it

Everything About A Broken Snake Plant Leaf And How To Fix It

No plant lover wants to experience a broken snake plant leaf from their much-loved snake plant that is sitting pretty on your patio.

Snake plant, also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue (or Snake Plant) is a common houseplant in the United States and Australia.  It is an excellent houseplant for people who are looking for easy-to-grow plants.  Snake plants can be grown in containers or soil.  It does well in many conditions and even in low-light situations.

It is an easy plant to grow with very few problems. This guide is intended for the novice who has never raised a snake plant before or anyone who has had a snake plant for years and experienced a leaf breakage. The objective is to provide information to help you understand what causes a broken snake plant leaf and what you can do to fix it.

Causes Of A Broken Snake Plant Leaf
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25 Popular Snake Plant Types

Drought And Heat

Snake plants can be very susceptible to drought and heat. This is especially true if the leaves are older than 2 years old. When they get older, they lose water more easily, and they can also become more brittle. As the leaf ages, it also gets larger and thicker. This makes it harder for the water to get to the leaves, and it can cause the plant to wilt.

Causes Of A Broken Snake Plant Leaf - Drought and Heat

It may also cause the plant to crack or break. The older the leaf, the bigger the chance that it will break. If you are having problems with your snake plant and the leaves are cracking or breaking, you may want to repot it into a new pot. The roots of the snake plant should not dry out. Snake plants need lots of water during the summer months. This is when they grow and produce new leaves. It is important to keep them watered so that their roots do not become dry.


Snake plants can be damaged by frost. During the winter months, they will lose some of their leaves. This will cause them to look less healthy. You may notice that the leaves will curl up at the edges, or that there is a dark band on the stem. They will also look smaller. Keep them in a warm location so that they will not suffer from frost damage.


The leaves of the snake plant are usually eaten by snails, slugs, and ants. If you see these pests eating the leaves, you may want to repot your snake plant into a new container. Snails and slugs can also eat the roots of the snake plant. If this happens, you may want to re-pot it into a new pot to help prevent this problem from happening again.

The best way to protect your snake plant from insects is to keep them inside during the summer months. This will make it much easier for them to stay pest-free. If you have a large snake plant, it may be hard to keep bugs out. The best way to keep bugs away from your snake plant is to keep it in a location that is protected from direct sunlight.

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How To Fix A Broken Snake Plant Leaf

Snake plants are amazing, and they can grow in almost any condition. However, some of them have the habit to get injured easily. Most of the time, a broken snake plant is not a big deal but to others it is. You should know that you can use snake plants as indoor plants. If your snake plant gets injured, you can make sure that it will grow well. First, you need to take care of the injured area.

For the injured area remove all the dead parts. You can use a sharp knife to cut off the damaged part.  After you remove the dead parts, water the injured plant and ensure that the soil remains moist and soft.

If you have a lot of broken leaves or they are large, you can put them in a jar. This will keep the water away from the injured area. Make sure to clean the jar with clean water and place it in a dark place for several days. In this way, the air will circulate around the leaves and they will dry out.

When they are dry, you can put them in another jar. You can also make tea with the injured leaves. The tea will help the plant recover faster.  Once your snake plant recovers, you can put it back in its original pot. You can even use the same pot that you had used before. Make sure that the pot is the right size and has enough space. Make sure to provide the proper amount of light and water for the plant.

Growing A Healthy Snake Plant

A broken snake plant leaf is just a natural part of the life cycle of this plant. Here are some helpful tips to help you grow a healthy snake plant:

  • Keep your snake plant well-watered. Your snake plant needs water to thrive and grow, but too much water will cause the plant to grow tall and thin. Watering often during the day and less often at night is recommended.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Snake plants can be grown in full sun or partial shade.
  • Avoid fertilizers and chemicals. Snake plants have a natural ability to thrive without any help from us.
  • Keep your snake plant container clean. It is easy to clean the container, just remove all of the leaves and wash it with soap and water. A good container to start with is a plastic one. It is strong, lightweight, and durable.
  • Keep your snake plant’s soil moist, but not wet. The ideal soil moisture level for snake plants is around 75 percent. When growing snake plants, use a good quality potting mix. Avoid using peat moss or other materials that may cause a buildup of minerals in the soil.
  • Keep your snake plant in a warm environment. This will ensure that they are happy and healthy. If the temperature in your house is too cold, your snake plant will not grow as quickly or look as beautiful.
Growing A Healthy Snake Plant

Final Thoughts On Broken Snake Plant Leaf

A broken snake plant leaf is a common occurrence when growing your snake plant and it should not worry you sick. Providing the right growing conditions for this plant is ideal to keep it growing in the right manner and protect it from snake plant leaf damage.


Will broken snake plant leaves grow back?

It is possible that the plant will regrow, but it will not look like the original plant.  Is snake plant easy to grow?  Yes, it is a good beginner’s plant because it grows quickly and does not require much maintenance. It can be grown in a variety of conditions, from shady areas to bright full sun.

Can you replant a broken snake plant leaf?

The answer is yes, but only if the leaf is broken in the center of the leaf and not on the edge. If the leaf is broken on the edge, then it's best to replant the whole plant and not just the leaf.

How to fix a broken snake plant leaf?

To fix a broken snake plant leaf, you can either take the leaf back to the store or cut the stem just above the leaf. If the leaf is broken and the stem is still attached, then it's not a big deal. If the leaf is completely detached from the stem, then you can cut the stem with a pair of sharp scissors and reattach the leaf.