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Can You Plant Pothos And Philodendron Together?

Can You Plant Pothos And Philodendron Together?

Can you plant pothos and philodendron together and they blossom or will one overdo the other?

Pothos and Philodendron are two beautiful flowers that do so well in many gardens across America and the world.  The plants are related to each other and are easy to grow, as they do well in most soil types. They also tolerate a range of temperatures, from cold to hot, so they are perfect for most climates.

They have grown together for hundreds of years.  In some nurseries, they are sold as a “mixed bouquet”.  This is a great way to buy them because they are both so beautiful and easy to grow.

So Can You Plant Pothos And Philodendron Together?
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How to pick the perfect spot to grow a garden

Pothos and philodendron can be grown together in one garden. When planting philodendron and pothos together, you want to be sure the roots of one plant do not touch the roots of the other.

If they do, the root systems can merge and the plant will die. If you plant them together in a pot, make sure there is enough room for each plant to grow. You can always split the plants into two pots, but this takes time and effort.

Pothos and philodendrons are both tropical plants and like to be warm and humid. They don’t like to have much direct sun or heat. When you plant them, put them in a sunny spot where they won’t get too hot.

If your pothos is wilting, it probably needs water. You can take a look at the soil. It should look moist but not wet. If the soil is dry and cracked, the plant needs water. Pothos likes to stay in the ground, so you shouldn’t have to re-pot it very often. Re-pot when the plant is about 8 inches tall. When you re-pot pothos, make sure the pot has drainage holes.

Why Grow Pothos And Philodendron Together?

Now that we have answered the question can you plant pothos and philodendron together, Let’s learn why should we grow them together.

The pothos, philodendron, and philodendron vine are all members of the Araceae family. The Araceae are a family of flowering plants that produce fleshy leaves, tubular flowers, and small fruits. There are approximately 500 species of Araceae found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Araceae are also known as “Passion Plant”.

They have a variety of names like; the Pothos, the Philodendron, the Passion plant, the Peace lily, and the Love plant. Araceae are native to tropical and subtropical climates in Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. They are known to grow well in well-drained soil with a minimum of moisture.

In the United States, Araceae are considered to be non-native plants. Most people do not know that they are actually native to the United States. Aristolochia species are the most common Araceae in the United States.

The pothos is an Araceae that grows best in semi-shaded areas where it gets regular water. The philodendron vine is a large Araceae that can grow up to 15 feet tall and wide. It grows in full sun and needs a lot of water.

Both pothos and philodendron can be found in the nursery market. Pothos and Philodendron are both easy to grow in the home landscape. Pothos is also easy to propagate from cuttings or seeds. Philodendron is propagated from cuttings or seeds.

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Growing Pothos And Philodendron Together In A Pot


  • A good quality soil mix that has plenty of nutrients for the plants.
  • A container that is at least 12 inches tall, and wide enough to hold two plants.
  • A watering can that will reach all parts of the pot, such as a soaker hose.


  • Fill your container with soil and water thoroughly.
  • Plant the philodendron in the center of the pot and the pothos on each side of it.
  • Make sure the roots of the philodendron do not touch the roots of the pothos, or they will become one plant.
  • Place the container in a warm area until the plants start growing.
  • Water regularly, about twice a week until the plants are well established.
  • If you notice any pest or disease problems, get some help from your local nursery or garden center.
  • When the flowers are ready, pick them off to enjoy.

Caring For Pothos And Philodendron Growing Together

As nursery growers, we often have customers who want to grow plants together. There are several reasons for this including the fact that some plants are best grown in pairs or with other plant species. This article is going to cover how you can care for pothos vs philodendron care growing together.

The first step of caring for a pair or group of plants is to make sure they are healthy. You should always check the health of your plants before you purchase them. If you notice any signs of illness or disease, it is important to get rid of those plants immediately. You should never buy a plant if it has any signs of illness or disease.

It is also important to make sure that you don’t overwater your plants when they are in pairs or groups. Watering too much can lead to root rot, which can cause your plants to die.

Fertilize them. If you are trying to grow plants in pairs or groups, you should fertilize them often. This will help the plants grow and increase their chances of thriving. You can use organic fertilizer, which is better for the environment than chemical fertilizer.

What can you plant with Philodendron

In Conclusion – Can You Plant Pothos And Philodendron Together?

Gardening is fun and much more fun when you see your garden bloom with different colorful flowers.  Understanding this question – can you plant pothos and philodendron together is the beginning of learning how to grow these plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you plant pothos with other plants?

Yes. We recommend that you plant them at the front of your garden or border, and then use the other plants as background plants.  Pothos needs good drainage, so plant it in a pot that is at least 1/2" deep and has drainage holes.

What can you plant with Philodendron?

Pothos can be planted with many different kinds of plants, but we have found that it works best when planted in groups with other low-growing plants. We like to use pothos as the front of a garden or border, and then use the other plants as background plants.  Pothos needs good drainage, so plant it in a pot that is at least 1/2" deep and has drainage holes.

Are philodendrons and pothos the same?

No, they are two very different plants. Philodendrons are large tropical vines that grow over 50 feet long, and pothos is an evergreen houseplant that grows only about 12 inches long.  However, both can be used to make a beautiful hanging planter for a porch or patio.