Decorative Plant Lights You Can Use Indoors + DIY Grow Lights!

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Decorative plant lights are easy to obtain and keep your house plants thriving indoors with the right amount of light.

Indoor plant lights are an easy way to supplement the light needs of your plants. For growing plants, light is essential as it allows plants to make food for energy.

Decorative Plant Lights

Decorative plant lights are designed to provide the best light conditions for your potted plants, but what about when natural light is just enough? This is where grow lights come in handy. Grow lights are extra bright bulbs that mimic sunlight indoors and help in the aid of growing plants and flowers.

Decorative plant lights can also give your home a nice warm glow that looks attractive around the house or office. If you want to know how to make decorative indoor grow lights for plants, read on!

Decorative Plant Lights

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How to Make Your Own Decorative Indoor Grow Lights For Plants

Decorative indoor grow lights should be easy to make and set up. Decorative plant lights are all about the ease of usage and the way they look; otherwise, they aren’t decorative! It is easy to make decorative plant lights because all you need is a clamp light and some mini-lights that work in sync with these lights.

To make these decorative indoor grow lights, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: First, pick a clamp light(s) and mini-lights and ensure it works well enough for what you need. Decorative indoor grow lights should be bright enough to supplement your plants’ needs without heating them too much. Overheating can cause just as much damage as too little light to your plants.
  • Step 2: Decide where to place the clamp lamp. Decorative indoor grow lights will need a power source so look around for an outlet and determine where you want it placed. You can also use extension cords which may be necessary depending on how complicated your setup is with too many clamps in one room, interfering with each other’s power supply.

  • Step 3: Decide where the mini-lights will go in regards to your clamp lamps. These lights are usually hung from the top, or placed on a stand with an adjustable height. They will need vases, jars, clay pots, baskets, etc., to put your plants in so take that into consideration when placing these lamps. Place them at least 6 inches away from whatever you are growing and consider using multiple light sources for larger potted plants or gardens, etc.
  • Step 4: Decorate! Decorative plant lights should bring some life and color into your home, as they are not just about growing plants, but also adding some character to your living space. These lights can be made using different materials including mason jars, tin cans, oatmeal containers, etc. Decorative plant lights don’t need a lot of decoration in most cases, so keep it simple and use what you already have around the house, or buy something inexpensive. 
  • Step 5: Once everything is in place with the decorative indoor grow light decorations you’ve chosen, turn on the clamp lamps and the mini-lights. Decorative plant lights can be turned on whenever you need them or leave on a timer for convenience. 

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What Type of Lighting is Best For Plants?

Having looked at the above steps to make your decorative indoor grow lights, let’s look at what type of lighting is best for plants.

The best lighting for plants is usually natural sunlight. Decorative plant lights can work as a substitute for the sun and are not meant to be replacements for sunlight but rather, supplements for your plants’ needs.

LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants – Desk Plant Light

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These lights work best with hanging plants or potted plants that are kept in windowsills or anywhere else that may get some light from the sun during the day. Decorative plant lights should supplement this light so you don’t have to worry about making sure your plants have enough light.

The best lighting for plants should have these features:

  • Provide enough light
  • Be easy to use
  • Shouldn’t require a lot of maintenance

Decorative plant lights can do that and more!

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Decorating House Plants With Lights

Decorative indoor grow lights like clamp lamps and mini-lights are typically not expensive and provide light for your potted plants, or hanging plants with relative ease.

These lights don’t require a lot of tending so they make the perfect choice when you want your plants, but don’t have too much time to care for them on a daily basis! Decorative plant lights really embody simplicity and ease of usage. Decorative indoor grow lights only require the bare minimum in terms of setting up, use, and storage – all benefits if you’re looking for decorative indoor grow lights in your home!

Decorating House Plants With Lights

Indoor plant lights aren’t just about making things easier for you though. They can also improve your home in so many ways. Decorative indoor grow lights can spruce up any room, and create a warm glow.

These lights are about enhancing your space and/or life without having to worry too much about the decorative indoor grow lights themselves.

Final Thoughts on Decorative Plant Lights

Decorative plant lights don’t have to be difficult! It can be as easy as sticking a clamp lamp over a potted plant on a window sill – it doesn’t get easier than that! 


What Type of Light is Best For Growing Plants Indoors?

Full spectrum light bulbs are usually the best choice when it comes to growing indoor plants. Blue light is also very helpful for indoor plants that don't receive enough sunlight.

Can Any LED Light Be Used as a Grow Light?

Yes. But it's important to use red or blue bulbs when using LED lights, as these are the colors that maximise growth.

How Do Decorative Indoor Grow Lights Work?

Grow lights enable your plants to receive the same kind of light as they would usually receive outside. Grow lights are a man-made version of the sun for plants.

Can Twinkle Lights Help Plants Grow?

Decorative indoor grow lights like twinkle lights don't provide enough light for your plants to see growth.

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