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Do Spider Plants Attract Bugs?

Do Spider Plants Attract Bugs? Let’s Find Out

Do spider plants attract bugs and how can you eliminate these bugs to ensure they don’t destroy your plants.

There are many types of spider plants that are available in the market today. These are usually grown in large containers as well as on smaller pots and trees. The most common types of spider plants that are available today are the Dracaena, Croton, Philodendron, Pothos, and Epiphyllum. However, there are a number of different types of spider plants that can be found in nature and are also used as houseplants.

These include the Acanthus, Aspidistra, Canna, Calathea, Dichondra, Ipomoea, Kalanchoë, Lobelia, Liriope, and Tradescantia.

Some Facts About Spider Plants – Do Spider Plants Attract Bugs?
Do Plants Like Being Touched?
Do Plants Like Being Touched?

  • The spider plant is a tropical flowering plant, that is native to the South American rainforest.
  • The spider plant has been around for a long time and has a reputation of being one of the easiest houseplants to grow.
  • It is known to be an excellent houseplant, that can tolerate low light conditions, high humidity, and high temperatures.
  • They can grow in water, but will usually do better with a soil-based potting medium.
  • The spider plant is also very easy to care for and can be kept in a variety of different types of containers, including hanging baskets.
  • Spider plants are ideal for beginners who want to grow their own houseplants.
  • Spider plants are easy to grow and are known for tolerating low light conditions, high humidity, and high temperatures.
  • They can be kept in a variety of different types of containers.

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Do Spider Plants Attract Bugs?

Spider plants are one of the most popular indoor houseplants and for good reason. They grow very quickly, and they have a variety of interesting and attractive foliage. Their leaves tend to be bright green, and their flowers are very pretty. Spider plants are extremely easy to care for, and they’re even relatively low-maintenance.

But just because spider plants are easy to care for doesn’t mean that they don’t have any problems. The most common problem with spider plants is that they’re prone to mealybugs and whiteflies. Mealybugs are soft, furry insects that look like small caterpillars. Whiteflies are winged insects that look a little like mosquitoes.

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How To Eliminate Bugs On Spider Plants

Both mealybugs and whiteflies can cause a lot of damage to spider plants. But fortunately, both of these pests are easy to control.

Spider Plant Mealybugs

Mealybugs are a common problem on spider plants. They usually live in the soil around the base of the plant. They’ll occasionally drop off of the plant and fall onto the floor. When they do, you’ll see them wriggle around for a few seconds, and then they’ll fall to the ground. If you don’t take any action, they’ll keep coming back every time you water your houseplant.

Mealybugs are very soft, and they tend to be very sticky. This means that they’re difficult to get off of your houseplant without scratching it up.

To control mealybugs, you need to spray your houseplant with some sort of insecticide. You can use any type of insecticide, but I prefer to use one that’s specifically labeled for spider plants.

The best way to control mealybugs on spider plants is to spray your houseplant with an insecticide that’s specifically labeled for spider plants. This will kill the mealybugs while leaving the leaves of your spider plant intact.

Do Spider Plants Attract Bugs? Let's Find Out

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Spider Plant Whiteflies – Do Spider Plants Attract Bugs?

Whiteflies are small insects that are very common in the United States. They’re often associated with tomato plants, but they’ll also feed on a variety of other plants. If you see whiteflies in your spider plant, you should take action right away.

You can use insecticides to control the whiteflies. The most common insecticide for spider plants is imidacloprid. This insecticide works by interfering with the nervous system of the whitefly, making it unable to move and eat.

Organic Ways Of Eliminating Spider Plant Bugs

There are several organic ways to eliminate whiteflies and mealybugs.  They include:

  • Spray a mixture of neem oil and water onto the spider plant leaves.
  • The baking soda and sulfur should be placed in a spray bottle with water.
  • The hot water can be sprayed directly on the spider plants or in a spray bottle.
  • Methanol is another organic way to eliminate spider plant bugs. Spider plant bugs can also be controlled with sprays made from essential oils.

Summary – Do Spider Plants Attract Bugs?

So do spider plants attract bugs?  Yes, these plants attract bugs that affect them and if not eliminated as soon can cause damage to your plant.  The spider plant is a darling to every plant lover as it grows easily and has lovely foliage. It’s a wonderful addition to any garden. Spider plants are easy to grow and require minimal care.

They also have a long life span and a large growth habit. Spider plants are native to the tropical Americas.  The plants are very easy to grow, they do not need a lot of sunlight and the soil should be kept moist.  They have long, lanceolate leaves that are green or reddish-purple in color.


What insects are attracted to spider plants?

Insects like to eat spider plants because they provide a good food source for them. The most common insects are mealybugs and whiteflies.

How do I get rid of little bugs on my spider plant?

Little bugs such as aphids are often found on spider plants. The best way to get rid of these little bugs is by using a natural insecticide that is safe for the plant. Look for insecticides that contain pyrethrins or neem oil. These are safe for most plants, including spider plants.

What do spider plants repel?

Spider plants repel a lot of insects. You may notice that when you place a spider plant in your garden, the insects will stay away from it. Spider plants also make great cut flowers.

Can you spray a spider plant?

Yes, you can spray spider plants with an insecticide if you want to. However, it is best to use an organic insecticide instead of a chemical pesticide.  You can use an insecticide that contains pyrethrins or neem oil to get rid of ants on your spider plant.