5 Best Gas-Powered Snow Shovels In 2021

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When choosing the best gas-powered snow shovels, seek to understand the features that you would like to have and how much budget you need.

If you live in areas that receive several feet of snow every winter season, you will need to invest in a snow shovel. These tools are a crucial investment for your home. They save you hours of back-breaking work and moves snow easily and fast. 

Most people use electrical show shovels but gas-powered ones also have a good following. The electric ones are light-duty while the gas-powered ones are suitable for heavier chores. 

Gas-Powered Snow Shovels Buying Guide 

If you are looking to invest in a gas-powered shovel, there are some critical features you need to look out for. They include: 

  • Single-stage or Two-stage. Light, fluffy snow requires a single-stage gas snow shovel. But thicker, heavier snow that is around 12 inches requires a two-stage machine. The two-stage machine is a one-time investment that you can get at a reasonable price. But you will need to do your research well before buying. 
  • Tires/Wheels. The size of the tires is not too serious especially if your yard is flat or well leveled. If your yard is steep and you receive thicker snow you will need at least 15-inch wheels or more. Make sure the wheels have a perfect tread that will not slide off in the snow.
  • Chute Control. The gas-powered snow shovels come with a lever on the handlebars to change the chute direction. This helps you when in action to remain in the direction you want to move in. If you want to move easily, get one that has a deflector control on the panel. It could be a bit expensive but well worth the investment. 
Gas-Powered Snow Shovels - Tires-wheels
  • Hand Warmers. Snow clearing takes a little more time and you can be freezing out there. Get a gas-powered shovel with heated handles so you don’t have to wear very thick gloves. They will hinder you from operating the shovel well.
  • Power Steering. The cheaper gas units do not have this feature. Only the expensive gas snow shovels have power steering. This is because the expensive ones are bigger and heavier. The power steering helps you move in the right direction of moving the snow without sliding off the path.

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Types of Gas-Powered Snow Blower Shovels 

  • Single-stage Gas. It is the lightest of all the three types.  This type offers a little more clearing width of about 2 feet. They are easy to maneuver than stage two or three-stage engines. They are limited in power and throwing distance making them suitable for snow up to 8 inches. The single-stage gas-powered model has an auger that moves the snow from the ground and up through the chute. Its power is supplied by a gasoline engine. 
  • Two-stage Gas. A two-stage blower shovel adds an impeller fan to help propel snow into the intake chute. It increases the clearing length power and throwing distance. It is suitable for areas with snow of more than 8 inches. This type is common with the majority of users choosing it over the one-stage gas.  Two-stage gas has added features that make snow clearing more efficient and easier. It features power-driven wheels, with greater intake height and wider clearing paths. Different models in two-stage gas feature different horsepower. The greater the horsepower, the greater the power it will generate. The price for this type depends on the features that enhance it. Choose wisely!

  • Three-stage Gas. These gas-powered snow machines come with an added accelerator to the auger and the impeller fan setup. These snow blowers are excellent in clearing snowfalls from 1-2 feet. Their best-kept secret is the successful accelerator placed between the two sides of the standard auger. It has the widest clearing path of the three stages. It can clear up to 30 inches with every pass of the shovel. The majority of models in this class come with heated handgrips, power steering, electric start, and chutes with an excellent throwing distance. This type is quite expensive but worth the investment. 

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List of the Best Gas-Powered Snow Shovels

#1 Poulan Pro PR100, 21 in. 136cc. LCT Single Stage Snow Thrower

Poulan is a single-stage machine with a 136cc engine that is suitable for clearing a few inches of light snow. It comes with an electric start option with the usual pull-to-start button. This model can start in temperatures as low as 20 degrees and starts with the first pull, always.

Poulan features a lever on the handlebar giving you easy control while removing the snow. The Poulan controls are large and easy to operate while wearing your winter gloves.

Its auger is rubber-edged and self-propelled with an incorporated timing belt. This feature improves durability. The handlebar folds down making the storage easy.

This shovel is ideal for cleaning a 2 car driveway and a path to your door. Do not expect it to handle heavier snow or a bit wet snow. It will slide off and cause accidents.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Easy to handle without too many technicalities
  • Have controls on the handlebar
  • Allows you to wear gloves


  • It only removes light snow
  • Cannot work when the snow is wet
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#2 Champion Power Equipment 224cc 24-Inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Electric Start

Champion power is one of the most powerful engines in its class.  It features a handy 120-volt push-button electric start plus 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.  It is an efficient engine with a clearing capacity of 24 inches.

Champion has an ideal 21-inch clearing height that can handle even the deepest snowfalls.  Its 12.5-inch carbon steel auger easily cuts through the packed snow and ice while the powerful impeller provides a clearing distance of up to 7.6 m.

This model is conveniently designed for easy storage and handling.  It is friendly to use for anyone.

Champion guarantees you a free lifetime of support in case it breaks down and gives you a 2-year warranty.  Their dedicated team of experts ensures this piece of equipment works all your life without failing you. Something that most manufacturers do not care to do!


  • It has a 4 cycle engine type
  • Has120 volts power
  • Comes with an electric start button
  • Throws snow up to 25 feet
  • Removes heavy and dense snow
  • Comes with 2 years of warranty
  • Offer free lifetime technical support from experts


  • Quite expensive
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#3 PowerSmart Snow Blower, PSSAM24 24-inch 212cc 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

POWERSMART engine offers a powerful snow-clearing action that every homeowner needs.  It has a 212cc engine that is powerful and effective.

The blower has a clearing width of about 24 inches and a clearing depth of 20 inches.  This makes it a perfect choice for regions that receive heavy and densely packed snowfall.

It has a versatile drive system that allows 6 forward and 2 backward speed variations for enhanced driving convenience.  The 180 chute rotation is great for better snow-blowing control.

This model comes with an electric start button or manual starter that is highly effective. POWERSMART has 13 inches of inflatable tires that tread deeply into the snow biting into the slippery terrain with a steady step that does not slide off.


  • Comes in 2 colors red and black
  • Has a 4 cycle engine type
  • Comes with a strong engine of about 212cc
  • Throws snow up to 40 feet


  • You will need to wait for restocking
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#4 Ariens Deluxe 28 in. Two-stage electric start gas snowblower

This model is one of the expensive two-stage models that come with a 28-inch clearing width. It is useful for use in a large driveway and among the top-rated snow shovels in the market today. It s a heavy-duty machine that most love due to its efficiency.

This model has a 254 cc engine and 14-inch steel augers that help you move through the snow up to 21 inches deep fast and with ease. It is self-propelled with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Its auto-turn steering makes it effortless to guide around as you work on the sidewalks and driveway.

This gas-powered snow blower has a 120-volt electric push button. It helps the unit start fast no matter how low the temperatures have dropped.


  • Has a powerful engine
  • The unit starts fast with the help of the electric push button
  • Has an auto turn steering
  • It’s a heavy-duty machine


  • It’s a little heavy
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#5 Husqvarna 24 in. 280cc Two-stage Gas snowblower 

Husqvarna is a two-stage model that is powered by a 208cc engine. It clears a 24-inch path on every pass by using its heavy-duty augers to cut through the frozen and wet snow. This model comes with useful features that include 180-degree remote chute rotation, power steering, electric start, heated grip handles, LED headlights, and more.

This model is powerful enough to work in heavy, slushy snow and large accumulations of heavy snow. Two-stage gas-powered shovels are efficient and can tackle almost any kind of snow.


  • Clears heavy snow
  • It is a heavy-duty machine
  • Comes with a powerful engine of 208cc
  • Has a 24-inch clearing path
  • It has steady 15-inch tires to help with the movement


  • It is quite heavy
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Best Snow Blower Reviews Conclusion

The above list of gas-powered snow shovels is a sure start in your search for this crucial gadget. There is no point in spending too much money on this tool if you can get a cheaper and quality one like the ones above.

These gas-powered snow shovels will do the heavy snow work and have advanced features. The best gas snow shovel will save you time and effort. So choose wisely!


Which gas snow shovels is the best?

Gas snow shovels are the most common type of snow shovel. This is because they are easy to use and start right up without any need for fuel, unlike electric or battery powered snow scoops.

The best gas snow shovels can be found at department stores like Target or Walmart, but don't forget about Amazon! They have an excellent selection of gas snow shovels that can't be beat.

There are some great gas snow shovels on the market today. Which one is the best might depend on where you live, your budget, and how much you will be using it regularly.

The best gas snow shovel is the Snoman 3100 - “It's a great choice for anyone, regardless of experience and skill level”.

What makes a snow shovel the best?

Given different features and specifications, the best gas snow shovels are the ones that are suited for your needs.

Below is a list of some of the features you should consider when selecting a gas snow shovel:

-Power output: An average power output should be between 5 and 15 horsepower to have enough power to clear large amounts of snow in one go.

-Horsepower: The more powerful the engine, the less noise it will produce. Ideally, you should check out brands that have a horsepower rating from 500 up to 2000 HP so that you can choose an engine with enough power for your needs without too much noise.

-Weight: A heavy snow shovel is better for clearing thick snow because it gives more traction on slippery surfaces and prevents slips and falls.

Which were the top snow shovel brands in 2021?

The most popular brands of gas snow shovels include the Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee. These three brands are ranked as the best by Consumer Reports, and they have received high ratings on Amazon. However, these top three brands do not stand out as much in terms of price or availability because they cost a bit more than some of their competitors.

However, in terms of true quality you should check these two out.

DeWalt is a popular brand that has been used by many construction companies over the last decade. It comes with a 36-inch cutting width, an ergonomic grip handle, and a durable steel blade that can withstand rough use. It has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by Amazon customers with many having praised its performance for being lightweight and easy to use for those who have back problems or arm pain.

The Worx Snowie is an affordable alternative to the DeWalt, coming at half the cost of most other models on this list with similarly good performance ratings from consumers, including high marks for design and ease-of-use as well as durability.


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