The Ultimate Guide To Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes In Pots

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Growing beefsteak tomatoes in pots are quite easy and achievable. For that successful growth of beefsteak tomatoes in containers, you will need to know a few tips to better increase your chances of a better outcome. This guide will enlighten you on what you need to know.

Beefsteak tomato is a well-known tomato variety commonly grown in North America. This tomato is pretty easy to grow, and it grows very fast, producing huge fruits of up to 2 pounds. Beefsteak can be pink or red, and they are pretty juicy.

Growing beefsteak tomatoes in pots is an easy way to start a container garden and maximize your available space. In this guide, we will be discussing what you need to know about growing beefsteak tomatoes in pots or containers.

Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes In Pots: Why Should You Consider It?

The fact that tomatoes love warm weather will further give you an edge when growing them in containers. The reason is that you can easily move your tomatoes to sunny spots when needed, and you can also move them inside anytime it snows to avoid damage from frost.

Another edge of growing beefsteak tomatoes in pots is that you can easily transport your plant indoors to save it from terrible weather during bad weather.

Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes In Pots - Why Should You Consider It

While your tomato is indoors, you can also provide the plant with warmth and light using grow lights such as LED. This will help warm up your tomatoes. The use of LED lights won’t even change the taste, color, or acidity of beefsteak tomatoes. So, you can rest assured that your beefsteak tomatoes will taste the same, just like the ones grown outdoors in the garden under natural sunlight.

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Guide To Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes In Pots

Below we have outlined the guide you should follow to successfully grow beefsteak tomatoes in pots:

1.    Choose The Appropriate Pot For Growing Beefsteak

To achieve a more productive plant, you need to select the right size of the pot to grow your beefsteak tomato. We recommend you choose a big pot so it can contain your plant. Doing this will make sure your container holds the appropriate soil, which can supply nutrients and water for your plant’s growth.

Also, beefsteak tomatoes tend to grow big so that they can become heavy. So, using a big container will limit the chances of your pot being overturned by a large plant.

You should know that planting beefsteak tomato in a small pot can result in a non-satisfying yield. So, you can go for a pot size of about 1 to 2 square feet for your beefsteak to grow adequately.

Additionally, ensure there are big drainage holes at the base of your growing pot.

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2.    Choose The Appropriate Soil

Ideally, the right soil to grow beefsteak tomatoes should be loose and rich in minerals. You can, however, make use of other types of soil such as clay or sandy potting soil, and all you need to is just amend the soil.

Then the soil should have had any kind of tomatoes planted for at least 3 years. The ideal pH range for the soil should be 6.0 to 6.8.

A rich potting mix will do fine as beefsteak tomatoes are heavy feeders. There is also the need for a balanced combination of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and organic matter.

3.    Planting

Your beefsteak tomatoes can be planted in two ways. You can plant by seed sowing, or you can plant by obtaining seedlings from a reliable dealer then transplant it into your pots.

The best period to sow the seeds of beefsteak is around the beginning of March. Sow the seed of beefsteak in well-drained soil and provide the seeds with a temperature of about 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You should begin to notice germination from 6 to 12 days.

For seedlings, you should plant the root deep into the soil and leave out only the leaves. Doing this will ensure the root of the plant can search or fetch out water.

Always make sure the soil is moist but avoid over-watering. When you have noticed the seedlings shooting up, you can begin to water in a moderate manner.

You can begin with plastic containers or glasses that are degradable. Then when the seedlings of the plant have attained a height of around 8 inches, you can move them to a bigger pot.

How many tomatoes does a beefsteak plant produce

4.    Sunlight Requirement

As a sun-loving plant, the planting site should also have good sunlight. Supply the plant with at least 8 hours of full sunlight. Ensure you switch spots once you notice any shadow falling on your plant. Then you should protect your beefsteak potted plant from frost as frost can kill the plant.

5.    Support Your Beefsteak Tomato Plant

The fruits of beefsteak tend to be heavy. So, you will need to stake the plant so the stem of the plant can carry the heavy fruits. Trellis can be used to provide support for the beefsteak plant. Also, staking the plant of beefsteak has been known to support upward growth.

Alternatively, you can simply place the potted beefsteak plant near a wall so the plant can make use of the wall as support.

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6.    Spacing For Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beefsteak tomatoes are fast growers, and they are capable of growing up to 8 feet. 18 inches apart is the recommended spacing, then leave a space of 24 inches from one row to another.

However, if you choose a put that isn’t so big, you can plant one tomato plant in a pot.

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7.    Harvesting

The result of your beefsteak planting should give rise to a fruit that is big, radiant red, full of juice, flavors, and nutrient. It can take around 60 to 96 days to harvest.


Growing beefsteak tomatoes in pots is an easy and straightforward process so far, you can get the right process. The guidelines we have listed above should help in directing you on how to successfully go about growing beefsteak in pots.


How big of a container do I need for beefsteak tomatoes?

You will need a big container to grow your beefsteak tomato plant. Ideally, you will need a container of about 1 to 2 square feet to grow a single plant of the beefsteak tomato plant. This will further make sure the container holds the right soil to supply water as well as a nutrient for proper growth.

Can you grow beefsteak tomatoes in a 5 gallon bucket?

Beefsteak can be grown in a 5 gallon bucket so far it can contain adequate soil to keep the plant upright and support the plant’s nutrient as well as the plant’s water needs.

How long does it take for beefsteak tomatoes to grow?

The period it takes for beefsteak tomatoes to germinate or grow from seed can be around 6 to 12 days. Then it takes about 60 to 96 days for beefsteak tomatoes to grow and be ready for harvest.

How many tomatoes does a beefsteak plant produce?

Ideally, beefsteak can produce around 10 to 30 pounds of tomatoes. With regards to the size of the tomatoes, the number can be roughly 20 to 90 tomatoes per plant.

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