How Fast do Morning Glories Grow

How Fast Do Morning Glories Grow?

How fast do morning glories grow is a question we will answer in this article and have an in-depth look at the growth of this beautiful plant.

Morning glory flowers (Ipomoea purpurea or Convolvulus purpureus) are popular flowers in many landscapes.  They are available in several species within the Ipomoea, Calystegia, Merremia, Convolvulus, and Rivea genera.

Some varieties are considered as noxious weeds in some areas, while others are well known as morning glories.  These fast-growing vining plants also make lovely additions to the garden if kept in good condition.

Morning glory plants produce beautiful funnel-shaped blossoms of various colors like blue, white, yellow, red, and purple with heart-shaped leaves.

Blooming occurs anywhere starting from May through September, opening in the morning and closing in the afternoon.  No wonder they are known as morning glories.

Morning glory plants are annual, though in some warmer areas they will come back yearly. They may also re-seed themselves in almost any zone they grow in.

How Fast Do Morning Glories Grow?

These are the first flowering vines most gardeners become familiar with.

They are fast-growing annual vines that grow and bloom within a short time.  They rapidly grow up to 15 feet or more a season.  They are in the same botanical family as sweet potatoes although they don’t produce edible roots.

Their intensely colored trumpet-shaped flowers have a mild fragrance that butterflies and hummingbirds love to hang around.

Their buds are twirled up tightly and only unfold when the sun shines on them in the morning; thus, their unique name.

These flowers are native to Central America and Mexico.  These vines grow by clinging to nearby support with their tendrils.

You can plant the morning glory seeds a month before the last spring frost.  Some gardeners find these plants too aggressive, if so you can pull out the unwanted seedlings easily.

Quick Facts About The Morning Glory

    • Morning glory plant is a fast-growing vine that will grow up to 15 feet in a season.

    • It likes to find slender support to twine around as it grows.

    • This plant is excellent at hiding ugly fences and other eyesores and decorate vertical objects such as mailbox poles, and lampposts by growing up a cord or chain of its vine.

    • You can successfully use this plant as a ground cover.

    • You can grow Ipomoea as a houseplant and support it with a wire or a string lattice in front of a sunny window.  Here it will flower abundantly all year round.

    • This flower attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, but it also appeals to rabbits, deer, and groundhogs.

    • In some areas, it can be slow to flower, go ahead and start your morning glory seed indoors if your area has a short growing season.

  • Do Morning Glories Grow Fast
    • Use biodegradable pots that will minimize possible damage to roots when germinating your seeds.  These pots can be placed directly in the ground together with the seedling.  Morning glory does not like to be transplanted, most of it will die in the process.

    • Morning glory seeds naturally have a hard outer coating and require help to germinate.  Rub or chip them with sandpaper or an emery board and then soak in warm water for about 12 to 24 hours to soften their seed coat and promote growth.

Morning Glories Growing Care

These flowers are a favorite of many gardeners everywhere for many good reasons. These eye-catching vines are very low maintenance and can be easily started from seed in early spring indoors.

You don’t need to deadhead or prune them as they grow; only provide them with support wherever you plant your seeds.  Eventually, the vines will find support and grow up to it.

Even though this flower is low maintenance, there is still some care required.  It includes:


Morning glories do well in moist but well-drained soil. It must have a neutral pH of 6.0 to 6.8.  Though these flowers will grow anywhere, they bloom better in soil that is not too rich in organic matter.  If you think your vines are struggling you can always amend your soil with some organic manure.

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Regular watering your morning glories can kick start their blooms by mid-summer.  However, many times these plants are slow to begin setting flowers.  If you want to speed up the flowering time of morning glories you can try sowing the seeds earlier in the spring by sowing them indoors or scattering them on the frozen ground and even on snow.


Provide your plants with regular water, at least an inch per week.  You can also mulch around the roots to keep the moisture.  The most important season to water is during the plant’s growing period.  You must keep watering to keep the morning glory leaves green and healthy for better blooms. Once it’s established you can slow your watering schedule.


Morning glory flowers thrive in a spot that gets full sun. The flowers will only open when they are in direct sunlight.  Expose your flowers daily to full sun for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.  They will in turn give you the longest amount of bloom time. If they are growing in a spot that doesn’t get sun until the afternoon, they might not bloom.


If you planted your plants using compost or organic manure, you don’t have to feed them with fertilizers. However, if not, you need to feed your morning glories with a low nitrogen fertilizer at least every 4 to 5 weeks throughout their growing period. If you notice your plants are not blooming, try a fertilizer blend that is high in phosphorous.

Fertilize Morning Glories

Temperature And Humidity

These plants are very hardy and can easily tolerate both warm and cold temperatures.  For them to grow from seed, you should plant them when the soil temperature reaches at least 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Morning glories will be annual plants in areas that drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.  In addition, they will be perennials in warmer climates. Additionally, they don’t require any special humidity needs.


Good morning glory is not bad after all; it brightens your day with color and brightness.

Are you looking for a vine that grows fast and will cover a bald space in your yard?  Or, do you want the glorious color displayed next to your bedroom window every morning?

The morning glory vine will give you all that and more!  Have you tried growing it, share your experience with us.