How Often Should You Water a Cactus

How Often Should You Water A Cactus

It is true that the cactus plant can withstand drought conditions. Cactus plants can store water inside their various cells such as the root and stem of their plants against dry conditions. This allows them to have access to moisture during extremely dry environments.

However, you need to know the right way and correct amount of water to supply your cactus plant. Therefore, this will bring us to the question: How often should you water a cactus?

Know-How Often You Should Water a Cactus

Just because a cactus plant is known to be drought-resistant does not mean you should ignore watering them at the appropriate time. Cactus will surely survive weeks of no watering. However, it will not thrive or flourish like it’s meant to when there is no water for a long period.

But first, you need to be aware of some signs to know if your cactus is not flourishing due to lack of moisture and act accordingly.

Know-How Often You Should Water a Cactus

Signs to Look Out for When Cactus Lacks Water

There are some signs you should look out for to determine if your cactus isn’t flourishing.

When your cactus plant does not thrive due to the absence of water, here are some of the signs you will notice:

  • Stem: you begin to notice the stem looking wrinkled, feeling soft, pale, or skinny.
  • Leaves: the modified spine’s leaves will begin to look dry and sometimes drop off.

When you notice these signs, it means your cactus is stressed out due to water insufficiency.

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Watering Your Cactus Plant

Here are some tips on watering your cactus plant:

  • Water your cactus frequently during the growing seasons (spring and summer). Watering should be at least once a week during the hot season and water more if you notice the topsoil is very dry.
  • During late fall and winter, cactus are in their dormant state. They don’t need too much water. Only water them occasionally or when you notice the soil is completely dry.
  • Water the younger plants more than the older plants. This is because the growth rate of the younger plants is higher, therefore moisture will be needed for them to flourish and grow well.
  • If you are growing your cactus on the ground, try dipping a stick into the soil and see if the level of watering is completely saturated. If you are growing in a container or pot, check below the pot, and if you notice water dripping from the drainage pot that shows your cactus is completely watered.
  • The type of potting soil mix will determine how much you should water your cactus. Choose a good potting soil mix that is capable of draining even if there is excess water when your cactus has absorbed enough water.
  • You should also be careful about over-watering. Over-watering leads to the rotting of the root.

How Frequently Should You Water a Cactus Plant

The growing season of the cactus plant is during the warm seasons. As such, they will need to be watered frequently during the hot season so the cactus can flourish and boost their growth rate.

Note: there are different varieties of cactus. Some are grown in the desert arid region, while some varieties can be found in the tropical rain-forest. The amount of watering will vary for different varieties and their various locations. Therefore, be aware of the type of cactus you have.