How To Get Rid of Dollar Weed

How To Get Rid Of Dollar Weed

Are dollar weeds taking over your yard? Discover various ways on how to get rid of dollar weed.

Dollar weed also called pennywort are perennial and they are always thriving in moist lawns and gardens. You might have an area in your garden that does not drain well and it’s always wet. Therefore, you might be having difficulty with these weeds.

Although it is quite common to see these weed grow. It can be quite annoying when the dollar weeds get tangled up all over everything. The dollar weed can be pretty tough to control once it dominates your garden.

So if you are having difficulty getting rid of the dollar weed, read on as we will be discussing different ways of treating the dollar weed.

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Eliminating Dollar Weed

Natural Methods For Eliminating Dollar Weed

  • Reduce moist area: One of the natural methods is to avoid your garden from getting wet as these weeds thrive in moist areas.
  • Manual method: Dollar weeds can also be uprooted by hand. Although. This method can be stressful if you have a wide area.
  • Resolve drainage issues: Correct or find a solution to any drainage problems you might be having in your garden.
  • Reduce irrigation supply: consider reducing the amount of water you supply to your plants and don’t over wet. The goal is to basically avoid your garden from getting soggy.

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Organic Dollar Weed Killer

Some organic methods may work for you. But you might just give it a try before you decide to go for the chemical methods.

Below are some of the organic methods you may attempt in getting rid of dollar weed:

  • White vinegar: Applying White Vinegar with a higher percentage of acetic acid has been proved effective for weed elimination. This will destroy the leaves of the dollar weed leaving them incapable of producing their food. However, the main drawback is that since dollar weeds thrive in wet areas. You are advised to spray the vinegar during the hot or dry days. This will prevent the moisture surrounding the dollar weed from washing away the vinegar.
  • Baking soda: Sprinkle some baking soda on the weed foliage. This might help in killing dollar weeds.
  • Hot water: Pour hot water directly on the affected areas with dollar weeds. Nevertheless, you need to be careful and take consideration of nearby plants. This is because hot water destroys whatever it touches.
  • Dissolved sugar: Apply some dissolved sugar over the areas with dollar weeds. This might help in dollar weed control.

Eliminating Dollar Weed - Organic Dollar Weed Killer

Chemical Method

Chemical control of dollar weeds might be needed in a couple of cases. But we suggest you consider the chemical method as your last option. The reason being those organic methods are environmentally friendly and safer compared to the chemical method which can be unhealthy.

The herbicide (chemical or organic) used in getting rid of the dollar weeds is usually applied during spring. You apply them while the weeds are young. You might need to repeat the herbicide application process for effectiveness.

So there you have it.