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How to Get Rid of Earwig Bugs

How To Get Rid Of Earwig Bugs

Many homeowners and gardeners are always asking how to get rid of earwig bugs because they are a big problem both at home and in gardens.

Of all the creepy crawlies, earwigs are one of the scariest ones with their fangs placed at the back threatening to pierce you.

Earwigs are a common problem for many gardeners and homeowners. You might have discovered half-eaten plants in the morning or uncover some pincher bugs while working in your garden.

The first step in pest and earwig control is to get to know the pest better. Study how they behave, what type of environment they thrive in; arm yourself with information to better safeguard your home and your garden.

Signs Of Earwigs

Earwigs are nocturnal insects that live in cool and damp areas. They live and eat outdoors; however, they can move indoors if they feel threatened or if the weather is not good outside.  Indoor encounters are quite rare with only a few signs of these pests.

There are a few common signs that show earwigs are present in your house or garden.  They include:

  • Bad Odor– Earwigs produce a yellowish-brown secretion when they sense danger and are scared or when crushed. This strong odor is an indication of its presence.
  • Dead Plants and Leaves – Earwigs prefer food that is dead or dying. A commonplace to find earwigs in the garden is under leaf piles, they get the benefit of food and protection in one location.

  • Night-lights – You will notice earwigs coming out at night in search of food.  They like to crawl under bright lights, so a location that has bright illumination is an excellent place to start.
  • Cold and Moist Locations – These insects do not tolerate dry and hot air; they look for cool and moist places to hide and live. Indoors, they like to hide in the basement or any area of the house where the air is cooler.   They also like areas in the house that may have any leakages and water build-up.

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How To Get Rid Of Earwigs In Your House And Garden?

Now that you know these insects are breeding in your garden or your house, how do you get rid of them?

To get rid of them, there are a few natural and chemical methods to use.  Here are a few remedies.

  • Rubbing Alcohol and Water Solution – Make a solution of rubbing alcohol and water and spray at earwigs on site. This method kills the earwigs immediately.
  • Light Traps – Use bright lights to gather the earwigs in one place at night.  Once they do, use dish soap and water to destroy them.  Use a good amount and dish soap mixture that is enough to kill all the earwig’s insight.
  • Use Earwig Pesticide – Buy a pesticide to spray the areas that Earwigs are in plenty.  Various pesticides are effective against Earwigs; they include malathion, Sevin, pyrethrins, diatomaceous earth, among others.

HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer

  • Dish Soap and Water – A mixture of dish soap and water eliminates these insects easily.  Spray down on areas where you find them crawling.
  • Vacuuming – For those annoying Earwigs, indoors or outdoors, use a safe and easy method to destroy them.  Simply vacuum up any earwigs you come across including the eggs to prevent further population. Get disposed of the vacuum bag or empty them into a bucket of water and soap to drown them.
  • Boric acid Powder – You can find it in many hardware stores.  Apply it on the areas under piles of leaves and kill these earwigs with ease.  This powder should be kept away from children and pets as it is harmful.
  • Oil and Soy Sauce Traps – Mix soy sauce and olive oil in a small container and place in an area where you have seen earwigs. The smell of this mixture will attract earwigs and they will climb into the liquid where they drown and die.

How To Prevent Earwig Bugs In The Future

Now that you know how to get rid of earwig bugs, it’s best you also learn how to prevent them from coming back.  It is easy to eliminate but if they keep coming back then it becomes too much work to keep destroying them. Here are some tricks to help you stay free from earwigs.

Signs Of Earwigs

Cover All House Cracks And Holes

Check every area of the house including the foundation around your home for any cracks and holes.  Cover any if found so that these insects find no room to get in.

Check The Window Screen Holes

If you have any windows that are screen protected, ensure they are fully intact. Cover them and repair any holes to eliminate any potential area that the earwigs would use to access your house.

Fix Leaky Drains And Pipes

These insets love cool and moist areas to live and scavenge.  Look through your drainages and pipes to see if there is any fixing that needs to be done.   If you find any, fix them with glue that keeps them properly joined to keep these insects away.

Remove Any Leaf, Wood, Or Stone Piles

Earwigs create a natural home outdoors under a quality food source.  Remove all piles of wood, leaves, or stones that are a safe home for earwigs, or better yet spray them with the earwigs’ insecticide to keep them away.

Remove Any Leaf, Wood, Or Stone Piles

Keep Your Mulch Away From The Home

If you use mulch a lot, it’s best you keep it away from home.  If your mulch contains dead leaves, it will definitely attract these insects.  The leaves are an ideal living space and food source for earwigs.  When you keep them away, it will eliminate the possibility of these insects accessing your home.

Keep Your Gutters And Drainpipes Clean

Dirt attracts these insects.  That is why it is advisable to fully clean your gutters and drainage for at least a couple of feet away from your house.  Backed-up gutters create wet spots around your house and make it a perfect location for earwigs to travel to.

Trim Your Bushes

Get rid of overly untidy bushes around your home by trimming them.

Getting Rid of Earwigs Conclusion

You can go ahead and make your home and garden earwigs free by practicing cleanliness and tidiness.  The tips and tricks we have discussed above should help you keep earwigs away from your home and garden with ease.

Bye, bye earwigs!