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How to get seeds from pampas grass

How To Get Seeds From Pampas Grass

Learning how to get seeds from pampas grass is beneficial in helping you save seeds for future planting or selling of this ornamental grass.

Pampas grass is popular among American gardeners even though it’s quite invasive. It produces thousands of seeds at the end of its growing season. These seeds are carried away by strong winds over lengthy distances.

Pampas grass must be watched! Once it establishes itself, it takes over an area within a short season. Prudent gardeners can keep it under control with some maintenance.

Ornamental grasses are an excellent addition to landscape borders and flower beds. Their carefree growth encourages many gardeners to grow it where they need a beautiful soil cover.

Growing Pampas Grass
How To Get Seeds From Pampas Grass
How To Get Seeds From Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is beautiful and complements other plants in your garden. This ornamental grass makes fantastic filler for parts of the garden that may look empty.

Pampas grass is easy to grow because all it needs to thrive is a sunny growing area and fertile soil. Plant your grass in early spring to give it the best season to start growing. Fall or winter is not a good season because they impede its growth.

Growing Pampas Grass

Growing Pampas Grass Requires a Long Term Commitment

If you choose to grow pampas grass, you need to be committed to giving it regular yearly maintenance. Pampas grass is hard to get rid of once you have planted it. The decision to grow this ornamental grass must not be taken lightly without being well informed.

Maintenance is vital in growing pampas grass. If you neglect it, it will run rampant across your garden overwhelming other plants and destroying what you have worked hard to grow.

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How to Harvest Seeds from Pampas Grass

The most rewarding aspects of gardening are being able to harvest your seeds and propagate new plants in your garden. This cost-effective and affordable approach helps gardeners can create more beautiful gardens with tight budgets. They can also share or exchange seeds with other gardeners making gardening a friendlier affair.

How to get seeds from pampas grass is as simple as harvesting seeds from other plants. Some ornamental grasses readily spread and reseed in the garden but other varieties may need help. Also if you need to collect seeds for future planting or selling, you will need to harvest them yourself. It takes a lot of patience to collect pampas grass seeds.

Before you begin collecting ornamental grass seeds, there are a few considerations you should make.

  • You must establish if the plant is a hybrid or open-pollinated type of grass.
  • Allow the seeds developing along the seed head to mature fully before removing them. This will help you harvest good quality seeds that you can store for longer.
  • Do not leave your seeds for too long before you harvest. Once they mature, remove them immediately. Leaving them for too long will lead o the seeds dropping to the ground or be eaten by insects and birds.

How to Store Harvested Pampas Grass Seeds

Once you have picked your mature seeds, allow the seed heads to dry to 1-2 days after removing them. Allowing the seeds to dry further eliminates mold and rotting which occurs if the seed is stored damp.

Because the seeds will be mixed with chaff, gently blow it away using a small fan. Do not blow away the seeds, be very gentle as you blow the chaff away. You will now be left with clean seeds with little or no chaff at all.

Store the seeds in a dry, dark place away from wet conditions. Keep your seeds in this condition until it’s time to plant.

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Whwn to Prune Pampas Grass

Pampas grass like other ornamental grass grows fast and out of control too. You will need to prune it to keep it under control. Invest in a pair of good quality sharp hedge shears. You will use this to shear it down to the ground. Mid-February to late March is the best season to trim your pampas grass. If the grass is going out of control, you don’t have to wait until February to trim it.

Take extra care when pruning because it has sharp foliage that can cause bad cuts and scrapes. Protect yourself by wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of thick gardening gloves. For best results, prune Pampas Grass every year.

Quick Reminder – Do not ever set this grass on fire because it is highly flammable and can burn everything around it very fast.

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Harvesting Grass Seeds

Your relationship with pampas grass is not fleeting; it’s a long term commitment that should not be taken lightly. But it is well worth the effort because your yard will reflect the beauty of well-maintained grass.