Mint White Spots & How To Treat Them!

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Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Griselda M.

This article will talk about mint white spots and how to treat them.  “White spots” are small, circular, white patches on the leaves of your mint plants. You’ve probably seen them yourself, and not only do they look gross, but they also pose a danger to your mint plants’ health. Learn how to prevent and remove them in this mint plant white spots and how to treat them article!

What Are Mint Plant White Spots?

Mint plant white spots are small white patches found on the leaves of Mentha aquatica, Mentha spicata, and Mentha pulegium. The cause of the mint plant white spots is not known, but most likely, they result from a fungal infection. If you notice mint plant white spots, you should wash the affected area with cool water and allow it to dry. It may be helpful to apply a commercial fungicide to prevent further infections.

How Do You Treat Mint Fungus?

Mint is one of the most popular and delicious herbs around the world. It is also very healthy. But mint plants aren’t immune to some types of fungi. This is because mint has a lot of moisture on its leaves. Mint fungus causes mildew on the leaves, stems, and flowers of mint plants. It starts small and can grow quickly if it isn’t stopped or controlled. There are several ways to stop or control it. Wash all the leaves and flowers of infected plants off. You should also spray the affected leaves and flowers with a 10 percent bleach solution.

If you don’t, the mildew can spread to healthy mint plants and cause them to become more susceptible to other types of fungal diseases. You should also trim infected mint plants at least once a month, to prevent them from getting worse.

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What Is The White Stuff Gowing On My Mint Plant?

The white stuff growing on your mint plant is mold. It’s harmless. It’s not a pest. But there is no reason to keep it around if you don’t want it to grow there. You can remove it with a small plastic knife or even a sharpened toothbrush. To remove it, scrape the white mold off the leaves with the tip of the blade or brush. Be careful not to scrape off any of the green parts of the leaf. If you notice moldy spots on other parts of your plants, you can remove those with a spoon or a butter knife.

 How do you treat white spots on leaves

How Do You Treat Powdery Mildew On Mint?

Powdery mildew is a fungus that attacks leaves, shoots, and buds. Many factors contribute to the spread of this disease, including temperature, humidity, and light exposure. To remove mildew from mint, spray the entire plant with an antifungal soap solution (usually a 10% bleach solution). Remove all leaf growth that looks infected with mildew, and keep the soil damp but not soggy to help prevent infection. To protect the plant from reinfection, apply fungicide according to package directions.

How Do You Get Rid Of Pests On Mint Plants?

Mint is often used as a home remedy for pest problems. A simple home remedy to get rid of insects on mint plants includes spraying the leaves with water mixed with some baking soda, just like a houseplant, and then putting the mint in the refrigerator until the bugs die off.

Final Words On Mint White Spots!

In conclusion, mint plant white spots are caused by bug or insect infestations. Your mint plants can also be affected by a fungus such as powdery mildew which can result in white leaves or white patches on the plant leaves.  It is important that you know the symptoms of mint plant white spots so that you can take prompt action and protect the plants.


Is it OK to eat mint with white spots?

Yes you can eat mint leaves with white spots. The white spots are usually a sign of infestation by a fungus or spider mites. As long as the leaves are in good condition and not covered by a film of fungus, you can rinse them off and safely consume them.

How do you treat white spots on leaves?

Maintaining proper plant care such as providing your plants with sufficient sunlight and air circulation may help treat white spots on plant leaves. Isolating the affected plants from the healthy ones may also help keep the spots from spreading.

How do you prevent leaf spots?

Avoid using chemicals on your plants, which may cause any kind of stress which may make them susceptible to infections and diseases. Practice proper plant care and most of the time, this will help prevent those white spots.

What is fungus on mint plant?

Fungus on a mint plant may occur as slimy brown or black areas. It is usually caused my excess humidity as the plant grows and receives insufficient sunlight and air circulation.

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