Plant Leaves Turning Brown And Crispy

Are your plant leaves turning brown and crispy and you are wondering what the cause is?

There are various causes why this comes about. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons your plant leaves are turning brown and crispy. We will also discuss what you can do to avoid this from happening.

Reasons Why your Plant Leaves are Turning Brown and Crispy

When your plant leaves start to turn brown and crispy, here are the reasons why this happens.

Reasons Why Your Plant Leaves are Turning Brown and Crispy

1.    Under-Watering

When your plant does not receive enough natural water (under-watering), it will start to turn brown and crispy.

If your plant soil becomes extremely dry for a long time, the bottom side, the edges, or even the entire of your leaves will begin to turn brown and crispy.


The solution is to water your soil properly. Make sure your entire soil is soaked in water but not too much. You should also avoid your plant from getting dry for too long.

If your plant is in a container, make sure there are drainage holes. Also, make sure while watering the water drips or drains away below the drainage holes container. This way you know the entire soil has gotten enough moisture.

2.   Over-Watering

Watering your plant is good, but over-watering can as well predispose your plant turning brown and crispy. Overwatering will cause the rotting of root thereby hindering or restricting water movements all around (stem and leaves) your plants. When this happens, your plant leaves will get dehydrated and start to turn brown and crispy.


Water your plants only when it’s needed and when you notice the soil is dry. Do not water when your soil is still moist.


3.   Limited Space

Another cause of brown crispy leaves when there is limited space for your root. This usually happens to plants that are in containers or pots.

The roots become choked up and your plant will not be able to take up water from the root to the stem and leaves.


You can fix the limited space problem by simply re-pot in a bigger container. This way, there will be more room for water to move easily.

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4.   Soil Problem

Loose soil that does not hold water well such as sandy soil can cause your plant to turn brown and crispy. The loose soil will make your plant let go of water easily and your plant will be deprived of water.


The best solution is to enhance your soil by adding organic matter. This will help your plant soil hold more water thereby providing sufficient water for your plant.

5.   Too Much Fertilization

When you over-fertilize, your plant roots will be harmed, therefore your plant will be unable to transport water to the stem and leaves.  This will cause your plant leaves to become brown and crispy.

Too Much Fertilization


Always make sure you calculate or measure the correct amount of fertilization you are applying to your plants. This way, you avoid over-fertilization and your plant will get the right amount of fertilization for your plant to thrive.

With that said, we do hope you found this information on plant leaves turning brown and crispy helpful.

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