The Best Commercial String Trimmer.

The Best Commercial String Trimmer

Having best commercial string trimmer means you won’t have to damage your lawn mower trying to clear off grasses at edges, around fences, trunk of trees and every other place seemingly inaccessible by a mower. 

It also means that you won’t have to risk the lives of your precious plants like flowers in the process of trying to get rid of weeds that are inhibiting their growth process. A trimmer does a neat job with less sound and stress. It’s lighter than a mower and that takes care of the issue of convenience. 

Trimmers are also edgers. The lovely greenery you desire around your sidewalks and drive ways can be achieved by the edging properties of a trimmer. 

This review will furnish you with top 5 best commercial string trimmers and help you choose the best out of them all. 

Some of these trimmers are powered by batteries, gasoline or by electricity. For the ones powered by gasoline and batteries, you have limitless swath advantage because there are no restrictions unlike the ones powered by electricity where you are limited by the length of the plug-in cord powering the device. 

So here we go with the top 5 Best String Trimmers.

5 Best Commercial String Trimmers

Dewalt 20V Max Lithium Ion XR String Trimmer

The Dewalt brand is famed in this line of business for creating durable products and yours sincerely string trimmer is one of them durables. This Dewalt String Trimmer is powered by a 20 Volts Max Lithium Ion XR battery as seen on its name. At 20 volts, it can cut through any kind of weed, ripping them apart from their hosts with great efficiency. 


Cutting Swath: 13 inch

Weight: 8 pounds 

Battery and Power:
With a 20-volt 5A lithium-ion battery, this device could rival any gasoline and electric counterpart any day. Its speed is superb and can be increased or reduced depending on what the user wants. If the user wants a higher speed and full power it can be increased for areas were the grasses are stubborn, otherwise, it should be kept minimal to increase runtime. 


Durability and lightweight quality.


Price is high.

Ryobi 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The Ryobi 2-cycle string trimmer is powered by gasoline fuel. This gives it maximum power to wade through the strongholds of weeds and rip them into shreds. One of its commercial highlights is its price which is relatively cheap. It comes with a zip start carburetor to make the process of powering it a lot more seamless. Great if you want to get your lawn job done all by yourself. The trimmer line can be easily replaced with an easy-to-load head.


Cutting Swath: 18 inches which is quite large and you can surprise your neighbors by including their lawn in the trimming. 

Weight: 14.6 Pounds 

Power Source:
Gasoline fuel does the powering and efficiency. Although it comes with some environmental hazards like noise pollution and emission of fumes from the burnt carbon in the fuel, it’s still great for its price and effectiveness on the job.


Relatively cheap

More Power 

Larger cutting swath 

You are given a 3-year warranty on purchase


Makes lots of noise 

Very heavy at 14 pounds

Occasional refilling of gasoline 

Not eco-friendly  

Ego ST 1502-SF Power String Trimmer

This cordless battery powered Ego string trimmer is one beast of a device with enormous power to cut through 1-inch thick Japanese knotweed like it was mere grass. With such power, you would have anticipated a mini noise pollution, but this device is a wonder. Its noise is minimal and it happens to be the least noisy equipment on this review. Its ergonomics is well designed for snaky movements in the least accessible areas of your lawn. The battery has a longer runtime compared to other cordless string trimmers reviewed.  


Cutting Swath: Stands at 15 inches 

Weight: At 11 pounds, it was quite heavy

Power Source: It is powered by a 56-Volt Lithium-ion battery with a 2.5ah battery kit and charger. 


Optimal power from a 56-volt lithium-ion powered battery. 

Less noise, no need for refueling and no fumes.

Cordless and large cutting swath. 


The weight is quite a downside for it.

Won’t pass for a cheap device.

Husqvarna 17-inch Straight Shaft String Trimmer

The Husqvarna string trimmer is the best commercial-grade string trimmer. It is powered by gasoline and was built to last longer than you anticipated. It’s power is on the high side from a 28cc two stroke engine capable of whipping 0.095 inch line in thousands of rotation per minute (RPM). Its cutting swath is one of the best at 17 inches in the list but the price isn’t one of the cheapest. Overall, you are assured of durability and high power in a fair runtime. 


Cutting Swath: 17 inches and this is overall; impressive 

Weight: Weighs about 11 pounds, not your ideal lightweight equipment 

Power Source: Gasoline 


Durability and high power 

Wider cutting swath

2 years is given at purchase


Very expensive 

Not eco-friendly 

A little bit heavy 

Ryobi R40220 40V Expand-It String Trimmer

The Ryobi Trimmer isn’t one of the most powerful commercial string trimmer out there but surely comes with some impressive qualities. For one, its price is relatively affordable and it comes “attachment ready”. With this rare feature, you can detach the trimmer head and replace it with any other yard tool you want like a brush cutter, edger or a pole saw. Although it is the least powerful on the list, it can level tall grasses and reduce them to lawns. It also has longer runtime with a 40-Volts Lithium-ion powered battery with a 90min charger as an accessory. 


Gas-like power for a battery powered device. 

Expand-it system to accept a number of other yard tools. 

Very cheap.

5 years limited tool warranty is what you get at purchase while the battery has a limited 3-year warranty.


Less powerful.


The Husqvarna 17-inch Straight Shaft String Trimmer goes home with this one as the best commercial grade string trimmer. Its cutting swath is large and is the second best. Powered by gasoline, it comes with a monster trimming power. Its durability is another major highlight and a fair 2-year warranty deal seals it up.