Top 7 Best Lawn Fertilizer For Spring 

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Last Updated on December 23, 2022 by Tony Manhart

Fertilizing your lawn during spring is a strategic move to ensure that your lawn is well fed, grows thick, green, strong and lush. But beyond those benefits that reflect on the physical appearance of your lawn, feeding it in spring (late spring) strengthens the root system of your lawn. Furthermore, following the exit of a long winter, the growing season kicks off and spring is the ultimate time of the year to vitalize your lawn with nutrients and lay a proper growing foundation for it all year round. Even though fertilizing isn’t a one-time-fix-all nutritional endeavor to help lawns grow better, the foundations are important and the root says it all. When the roots are strengthened from late fertilization in spring, it then sets the pace for other growth processes to follow. 

In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the best fertilizers for spring to help save you off the confusion when the time to choose one comes. So here we go. 

Top 7 Best Lawn Fertilizer for Spring

# 1 Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action 

The Scotts Turf Builder triple action is prominent in the lawn fertilizer industry. It works in two excellent ways. First, it furnishes your lawn with the essential nutrients required to get it lush, green, and strong during spring. This will also help the grass develop stronger roots to help it withstand the rough times when the heat comes and drought sets in later in the year. Subsequently, this fertilizer will also destroy resident weeds that are plaguing your lawn.

A fertilizer that acts as a weed killer while providing nutrients for your lawn to flourish even in drier seasons is what you need. It also inhibits the growth of further weeds like crabgrass for the next four months. This triple-action can be supplemented with Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food to further add nutritional value to your lawn and help it grow strong and healthy. Overall this weed gives your grass the needed nutrient formula to withstand the scorching heat that summer brings, curbs the growth of weeds, and strengthens the root system of your lawn. This fertilizer is best used if you live in Northern America. 

# 2 Maximum Green & Growth – High Nitrogen 28-0-0 NPK- Lawn Food  

Actually, this fertilizer for spring has the longest name in the list which includes most of its features and offerings. It’s called the Maximum Green & Growth-High Nitrogen 28-0-0 NPK- Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer- Spring & Summer- Any Grass Type- Simple Lawn Solutions, 32 Ounce-Concentrated Quick and Slow Release Formula. Well, the name virtually sums up everything about the description of this fertilizer.

To add to its descriptive name, this fertilizer cures nitrogen deficiency in lawns, promotes greenery, and ensures your lawns grow thicker and tougher. The nature of the grass here is not an issue and it can be applied in any region. It’s an all-encompassing fertilizer formula for healthier lawns. Basically, this fertilizer takes care of nitrogen deficiency on the soil which can be evident on the leaves of your lawn that will grow yellow, stunted, less dense, weak, and even if the deficiency permits them to grow green, the color will be fainter than the usual green.

It comes with quick and slow release application types. The quick-release promotes faster growth and greenery while the slow release application methods ensure your lawn never stays hungry in-between applications. It is manufactured in the United States and so quality is out of the question. 

#3 Dr. Earth Super Natural Lawn 9-0-5 Fertilizer (18 Pounds) 

With a super combination of ingredients like fish meal, calcium sulfate, potassium sulfate, seaweed extract, microbes, and many other excellent components, this fertilizer is your one-stop solution to retaining the green and healthy dignity of your lawn no matter how bad they’ve deteriorated. This fertilizer does the much-needed root strengthening job for your lawn during spring and a healthy root births healthy grasses.

It also furnishes the soil with adequate fungi and bacteria that are beneficial to the soil and creates an enabling environment for minerals needed by the grass to grow in the soil. So it improves the quality of the soil housing your lawn amidst adding vitality to the roots of your precious lawn. It can furthermore discourage the growth of thatches in the midst of your lawn by digesting them in their build-up stages. If your lawn is doing badly already, this fertilizer can also remedy the situation and you can have them glowing brightly within a couple of days. 

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#4 Espoma EOLB30 Organic Lawn Booster Fertilizer (30 Pounds) 

From a frontline, fertilizer manufacturing company comes the Espoma EOLB30 that has seen the rise of many lawns from their depleted and downtrodden state to lush greenery, strength, and glory. Packing ingredients like gypsum, feather meals, and pasteurized poultry manure, this fertilizer is purely natural, and no need to hide your kids or cordon off the lawn after application for their safety.

No chemicals or additives, it’s 100% organic and its potency is not in doubt. Being totally organic makes it an ecofriendly product and you can be proud of protecting our collective ecosystem. The ecofriendly nature of this fertilizer keeps the soil around your lawn also safe from chemical aftereffects which can damage the soil and even the turf. It comes in a 30-pound package for wider coverage across your lawn. It is capable of covering a 5,000 sq. ft area and that’s really huge. 


#5 Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food 

With a 2,500 sq. ft coverage in your lawn, the Scotts Turf Builder is the best for new lawns although existing lawns can also reap its benefits. It promises a 70% thickness for this young lawn and a growth speed of up to 30% than usual. It is suitable for any grass type so you don’t have to worry about your location.

Scotts Lawn Food comes with a 24-25-4 ratio of the standard N-P-K formula for fertilizers to ensure it supplies all nutrients required by budding lawns to thrive and maintain pretty health. And of course, it comes with the spring advantage of healthier and stronger roots. As the spring fades away, blade development can take place freely. However, it comes with one minor turn-off. Its phosphorous content can threaten the quality of water around the area it is applied and some states prohibit this. So check if it is permitted in your locality before purchase. 

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#6 Scotts Natural Lawn Food 

The Scotts Natural Lawn Food just like the name implies provides an organic option for you to grow thick and fresh lawns colored in luxury green. Perhaps the Scotts brand, which is a famed one in the industry decided there are organic lovers and designed this for them. Results are guaranteed within days as it is with the style of the Scotts. All the benefits that using organic products affords can be derived when you use this one.

No chemicals to potentially damage your soil and the lawns, people could amble freely without fear of chemicals, kids and pets are safe too. Its application is beyond seasons and grass type, implying that you can apply this fertilizer during spring or summer and the grass type is not a problem here. If you love nature’s offerings, this is for you. Application is seamless, results are fast, roots are stronger against the tough times and your grass grows in sheer glory. 


#7 Safer Brand Ringer Lawn Restore Lawn Fertilizer 11 (25 Pounds) 

The Safer Brand Ringer is organic. It promises an all-round restoration of the lost glory of your lawns, just don’t forget to apply in spring for effective results. This product ensures that the soil hosting your grasses is well balanced in terms of natural nutrients. All of the nutrients it delivers are plant-based and you can begin to witness results on your lawn within days. The product is odorless, void of manures and poultry excreta.

If applied in the right seasons which are during late spring, mid-summer, and once in the fall, your lawns will grow greener, healthier, and more densely packed. In the growing season, the application should be done once every 8 weeks. Since it’s pure organic, the risk of chemical burns on your dear lawn is eliminated. No need to apply and start setting rules bothering on the imminent dangers of the chemical used in it for the entire family and pets. A single bag of the Safer Brand Ringer can cover up to 5, 000 feet of your lawn delivering an economical service in lawn treatment. One of its greatest features is the rapid greening of your turf. 

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The Best Among the List 

Our recommendation for the best lawn fertilizer in spring goes to the Maximum Green & Growth – High Nitrogen 28-0-0 NPK- Lawn Food. The reason for this choice is that this product offers more when it comes to nutrients and packs the standard N-P-K nutrients to curb any soil nutrient deficiency. It also applies to all kinds of soil as well as regions and grasses. It’s slow and quick release is another plus and it is a liquid fertilizer. It is capable of sticking to the soil and affecting the roots of your lawn by empowering them with enormous strength.


What is the most effective lawn fertilizer?

Many people use different types of lawn fertilizers to keep their plants healthy. There are many factors that contribute to the vitality of a plant, and one of them is the fertilizers that they use. The ideal fertilizer gives the plant what it needs to thrive, while not allowing it to grow too fast or too slow.

The answer is found in knowing what type of fertilizer you want your plants to grow with. There are some organic fertilizers that can be used as well such as compost, manure and blood meal. These organic alternatives will cause your plants slow growth but will provide them with vital nutrients that it needs for survival.
A popular fertilizer for lawns is nitrogen. It’s good to have a balanced fertilizer with both phosphorus and potassium in it.

How do I choose fertilizer for my lawn?

Fertilizers are necessary for a healthy, green lawn. There are many types of fertilizers that you can buy and apply to your lawn. But how do you know which one is the best for your lawn?

You need to take into account different factors when choosing the right fertilizer for your yard. These include: pH levels, grass type, soil type, and weather conditions. You also need to consider any special needs of the specific plants in your garden.

You should consider the type of lawn that you have. The way you fertilize your lawn depends on what type of grasses your lawn has. For example, if you have a Kentucky bluegrass or a zoysia, then you want to use slow-release granules or granulated liquid fertilizer.

What is the best fertilizer to buy?

The best fertilizer to buy depends on your particular crop and the type of soil you have in your garden. There are a few basic guidelines you can follow as a starting point:

- If you have mostly sandy soil, use high nitrogen fertilizer; if you have clay soils, use high phosphorus fertilizer; if you want your plants to grow quickly but don't need heavy nutrients, use balanced fertilizer.

What fertilizer makes grass dark green?

The answer to this question is nitrogen. The dark green color of grass comes from the nitrogen content in the soil where it grows.

Nitrogen is a vital nutrient for all plants, but especially for the roots and leaves of grass. Nitrogen-rich fertilizer helps the plant produce more chlorophyll (the pigment that gives plants their green color) and photosynthesis, which help them grow faster.

The type of fertilizer used is also important. When using ammonium sulfate as a fertilizer, there are no potential negative impacts on trees or other vegetation as it doesn't contain nitrates or phosphates that can be harmful to plants if they build up in your soil.

What makes grass grow fast?

Grass is one of the most important part of a green landscape. It provides a natural habitat for plants and animals and is an important part of human diet.

Grass needs sunlight, water, and nutrients in order to grow. There are different factors influencing the speed at which grass grows, including soil quality, temperature, rainfall, etc.

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