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10 Home Remedies For Japanese Beetles

Did you know there are many home remedies for Japanese beetles that you can use to eliminate the most devastating pests?

When Is The Japanese Beetle Season?

The Japanese beetles are constantly feeding in groups.  They are most active in the warmest summer months – mid-June to late August for the adults and late spring and fall for larvae.

1. Hand Pick Them Off 2. Use The Neem Oil 3. Bring On The Guinea Fowl 4. Cover Your Rows 5. Grow Geraniums 6. Use Garlic 7. Use Nematodes 8. Use The Peppermint Oil Mixture 9. Go For The Sweet-Smelling Lavender

Top Best Home Remedies For Japanese Beetles

1. Hand Pick Them Off Collect these beetles early morning when they are sluggish and throw them off in a bucket of water to drown.  This method eliminates almost all of these pests until you cannot find any remaining. 2. Use The Neem Oil Ask any organic gardener, and they will swear by the effectiveness of neem oil in eliminating pests from their gardens.  Spray neem oil mixed with water on your plants to slowly wipe out a whole generation of these beetles.

3. Bring On The Guinea Fowl Though these beetles have fewer predators, the guinea fowls can do a great job.  Bring in guinea fowls in your garden and watch as they devour these beetles and other bugs in existence.  4. Cover Your Row These beetles are only active for 6 to 8 weeks each year, and to protect your crops, you can cover your rows with floating row covers starting from mid-June.

Japanese beetles are an obnoxious pest that causes gardeners to go into an uproar anytime they invade their gardens. But, with a bit of diligence, you have learned how to get rid of beetles’ home remedies.


10 Home Remedies For Japanese Beetles