3 Excellent Examples Of Deep Rooted Plants

Let’s have a look at a few examples of deep rooted plants. Roots bring nutrients to the plant – and a lot of the surface layers of soil on our planet have been farmed for so long now that the nutrient levels are very depleted.

How Have Our Soils Become Dead?

This may be due to the depletion of soils, or it may be due to things we put in the soil such as herbicides binding these minerals. 

Example 1: Comfrey This is one of my favorite examples of deep-rooted plants. I grow it for one main reason being that it has roots that extend 6’7 (2m) into the soil. 

Examples Of Deep-rooted Plants

Example 2: Kale Kale is an amazing example of the deep-rooted plant. Depending on where you are in the world this thing can actually be a perennial. 

Example 3: Alfalfa/lucern

This is the king of deep-rooted things you can grow in your garden to bring nutrients to the surface. Alfalfa roots can extend over 20 feet (6m) into the soil and subsoil. 

There is nothing to stop you from growing these plants in pots as well. Deeper pots work better for all three types, and they will thrive in a pot. You will need to feed them with a decent slow-release plant food such as this. 

Can I Grow Deep-rooted Plants In Pots?

Growing the right deep-rooted plants helps us get the maximum nutritional value out of our soils – be that in soils or in a deep pot.


3 Excellent Examples Of Deep Rooted Plants