5 Mesmerizing Italian Roses You Need In Your Garden

Italian roses have a hidden charm that captivates your senses and makes you think you’ve never smelled a real rose before. Italy is the fifth largest flower exporter in the world, and for a reason.

The National Flower Of Italy

Although Italian roses are among the most frequently bought and gifted cut flowers, the lily is their national flower. Roses are the traditional flower that symbolizes ...

There are over 3,000 rose species belonging to several genera. We’ll dive into the most popular and jaw-dropping Italian roses.

Italian Roses Names And Types

Alba Genus

Roses belonging to the Alba genus are the oldest roses still cultivated in Italy. They’re tall roses with fragrant blossoms and long stems. You can identify them under the name of ...

Roses belonging to the Bourbon genus are colorful but smaller in size. They grow in bushes and can produce more bloom than other roses. Some marvelous examples of this genus are Queen ...

Bourbon Genus

The centifolia or cabbage roses feature 100 petals and are much more delicate than the other roses. They have skinnier, thorny stems but very fragrant flowers. This is a worldly ...

Centifolia Genus

Italian gardeners managed to preserve and still plant one of the oldest Italian roses. This nation is not so big on gifting flowers as they are on growing their own.


5 Mesmerizing Italian Roses You Need In Your Garden