A Complete Guide To Zone 7 Herb Planting Schedule

Zone 7 herb planting schedule will help you know the kind of plants you need to grow in your garden throughout the year.

Zone 7 Herb Planting Schedule

If you live in zone 7 the good news is that there are many plants and herbs that thrive in this region. So even if you know very little about gardening zone 7 is a ...

This zone has quite heavy and sticky soils, and gardeners in this area have to work a little to amend the Before planting any herbs or vegetables, ...

Soil Preparation For Zone 7 Herb Planting Schedule

Perennial Herbs For Zone 7

Before we look at the perennial herbs that do well in this zone, it is essential to note that annual herbs have no problem growing in zone 7. They thrive during the ...

Mint grows in zones 4 to 9 and is notorious for being winter hardy. It is easy to grow and quickly takes over your garden. It comes in many varieties, from orange mint, spearmint or chocolate mint.


This spring onion flavoured herbs thrive in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 8. They have edible clusters of flowers appearing in mid-spring rising above the upright foliage. Chives love the sun ...


It is a common herb that has flat or curly leaves. It thrives in zone 6 to 9 as a biennial plant that produces leaves in its first season and flowers in its second.


When choosing herbs for zone 7, it is vital to go for perennial herbs. If you want to try out a herb that you are not sure is suited for zone 7 you might want to try growing it in a container. 


A Complete Guide To Zone 7 Herb Planting Schedule