A Deeper Study On When To Plant Crocus Bulbs

Gardeners must find out when to plant crocus bulbs, also known as comes, in order to get a bounty harvest of flowers at the right time.

When To Plant Crocus Bulbs

If you live in zone 6 to 10, you can plant the saffron variety in August for colder regions or in September for the warmer regions.

Gardeners in zones 3 to 6 need to plant their crocus bulbs in September and October. Those in other warm climates can plant from late October to early November.

So What Month Do You Plant Crocus Bulbs?

How Late Can I Plant Crocus Bulbs?

Autumn is the prime time for planting these bulbs, but you can get them in the soil until late November or even the first weeks of December before the first hard frost arrives.

When planting crocus bulbs, it is crucial to choose a site where there is a rich, well-draining soil. Soggy compacted soil will cause your bulbs to rot before germination.


You can plant crocus bulbs in your lawn as a natural way of adding them to your yard. Lift the grass and scatter the crocuses onto the soil, replacing them with the turf. 

Can I Plant Crocus Bulbs On My Lawn?

Flower Record.  This variety has single pale violet flowers that bloom in spring to early summer.   Bowls White. This variety produces white flowers with deep golden yellow throws in early spring.  Tricolor Crocus. This variety is a beauty, with each flower carrying 3 distinct bands of lilac, golden yellow, and white.  Purpureus Grandiflorus. This variety has an abundance of violet flowers with a purple base. 

Recommended Varieties Of Crocus Bulbs You Can Grow

Crocus bulbs are also known as corms and have eyes or buds on one side where they germinate from. Now that we know when to plant, it is advisable to face the buds upwards. 


A Deeper Study On When To Plant Crocus Bulbs