A Guide On Caring For Geraniums In Pots

Caring for geraniums in pots is significant in ensuring you provide them with the right growing conditions causing them to thrive.

The Best Geranium Types To Grow In Pots

The best geranium types to grow in pots are those that have compact growth.  These types have the best chances to succeed, and they include: ...

Most geranium plants are grown from cuttings, while a good number are grown from seeds. 

Growing And Caring For Geraniums In Pots

Starting From Seeds Vs. Planting Cuttings

Growing geraniums in pots require large containers, window boxes, or hanging boxes.  

Selecting Your Pots

Choose Suitable Potting Soil

Geraniums are not very particular about the soil pH; however, choosing neutral to slightly acidic soil will be ideal. 

These two conditions are essential aspects of any plant growth.  To grow the best flowering and most vigorous geranium plants, place them under bright light. 

Light And Temperature Exposure

Overall, potted plants require more frequent watering than typical garden plants.  . 

Caring For Geraniums In Pots -Watering

Don’t fertilize the geranium plants until they are well established so that you don’t kill them.  When you fertilize, use soluble or slow-release fertilizers, best for indoor plants.

Applying Fertilizers In Geraniums In Pots

Geraniums give some the most beautiful flowers and deadheading the spent flowers only makes them better.

Pruning And Deadheading Your Geraniums

Caring for geraniums in pots is significant in getting the best results – a healthy bloom in summer.


A Guide On Caring For Geraniums In Pots