A Guide On Flowering Houseplant Identification

Flowering plants are a popular addition to any home, especially in the summertime. They can be used for decoration as well as a source of food.

Flowering Houseplant Identification

This is a list of different types of flowering houseplants. Some have leaves, some don’t. Some grow as vines, others grow up as bushes. All flowers bloom in the ...

The glossy maidenhair has long green leaves that look like grass and grow up as a bush. These plants produce a lot of small flowers that look like mini sunflowers.

Aglaonema (Glossy Maidenhair)


Anthuriums are a type of flowering plant with spiky, succulent leaves. They are very easy to care for and can grow up as a bush or a vine. These plants will need a lot of light and a ...

The pineapple Argyranthemum is one of the best flowering houseplants you can get. It has long, green, succulent leaves and flowers that look like pineapples.

Argyranthemum (Pineapple Argyranthemum)

The asparagus fern has long, green, succulent leaves and grows up as a vine. The leaves look like those of asparagus and have a lot of the same characteristics. The asparagus fern is ...

Asparagus Fern

The flowering houseplant identification is ideal to help you discover the right plant you want to grow indoors and their type of flowers.


A Guide On Flowering Houseplant Identification