A Guide On How Deep To Plant Gladiolus

One of the most researched questions is how deep to plant gladiolus, with gardeners wanting to know the actual depth to bury these corms.

How To Plant Gladiolus Bulbs

It is essential to know what planting conditions are suitable for this plant.  They include 

Soil.  Gladiolus thrive in rich, well-drained, sandy loam soil. If the soil is too heavy and wet, the corms will rot.   Light:  These plants prefer full sun when growing and blooming.  Gladiolus corms can also flower in the shade, but the colors are not as vivid as when grown under full sun.  Also, if grown under the shade, the plant won’t grow quite as well. Spacing: Space the gladiolus corms at least 6 to 10 inches apart in the garden. Planting: Plant your gladiolus corms in spring, 2 weeks before the last expected frost date.

How Deep To Plant Gladiolus Bulbs

You can plant gladiolus weeks before the last day of expected spring frost.  It takes them 70 to 90 days from planting to harvesting flower spikes.  

Caring For Gladiolus

When your plants produce about 5 or 6 leaves, support them. Bamboo canes are the best and use the yard to tie them to the support loosely.


Water your plants during any periods of prolonged dryness to prevent the soil from drying out. 


Feed your plants with a liquid fertilizer every fortnight to help promote vigorous growth.  Once the flower spikes develop, switch to a high potash fertilizer.


Gladiolus doesn’t like growing among wees, therefore weed before planting these flowers.


Most varieties are not completely hardy, so you will need to lift the corms and store them throughout winter.

Lifting And Overwintering

Pests And Diseases

Gladiolus is infested by thrips that feed on the flowers and leaves, causing characteristic streaking and discoloring.  

If you love growing gladiolus, you can cut blooms for bouquets.  Cut the flower spikes on a slant when the lowest flowers on the stalk begin to show color. 


We have provided you with a guide on how deep to plant gladiolus and everything else to grow these plants. Have a fulfilled gardening, won’t you?


A Guide On How Deep To Plant Gladiolus