A Guide On How Often To Water Potatoes

When growing this crop, how often to water potatoes is a topic that most gardeners struggle with, not knowing how often they should water.

How Often To Water Potatoes

Potatoes need different amounts of water at various times to produce to the best of their ability.  

The Flowering Stage.  This is the stage where your potatoes begin to form tubers.  The Tuber Stage.  By watering your potatoes in the flowering stage in this manner, you will keep your plants healthy, encouraging excellent tuber production.    Maturing Stage.  Watering needs to be kept consistent until the potato plants begin to turn yellow and wilt.   

The Three Most Important Stages To Water Potatoe

Potato Plant Watering Method

Drip irrigation is the best method of potato watering.  Overhead irrigation can hurt young, fragile plants.

Do Not Overwater. Over-watering potato plants promote root rot, cause irregular tuber formation, and increase the risk of disease. Do Not Underwater.  Underwatering makes the soil dry out completely, prohibiting tuber formation, leading to irregular tubers with imperfections. 

Considerations To Take When You Water Potatoes

As the plants wither, changing their color to yellow, it’s time to stop watering.  This stage allows the potatoes to cure and harden, so they are ready for harvesting.  The curing stage lasts between 1 and 2 weeks.

The Potatoes Maturity Stage

When you stop watering for the plants to cure, you don’t need water anywhere near these mature potatoes.

Harvesting Your Potatoes

Having learned how often to water potatoes, it is now easier to grow your potatoes in your home garden or containers. 


A Guide On How Often To Water Potatoes