A Guide To Birds Behavior Before A Storm

Birds are nature’s barometer, and we need to learn to decode the birds’ behavior before a storm means and how we can help pet birds cope.

How Do Birds Act Before A Storm?

Birds are good at sensing an oncoming storm.   According to a nationalgeographic.com report, warblers in Tennessee left their breeding grounds a few days before the ...

Your pet bird is caged and cannot move to a new location to avoid a storm!  You must therefore find a way to help it get through the event.

What Is Your Pet Birds Behavior When A Storm Is Approaching

Common Birds Behavior Before A Storm

There are many behavioral changes that birders can notice when the weather is about to change.  Let’s take a look at some of the common bird behavior before a storm.

Resting on power lines is an everyday occurrence for many birds.  Many birds lined up for a lengthy period could be a sign that the barometric pressure has dropped.

Perching On Power Lines

The golden-winged warblers who flew the coop in Tennessee in the middle of their breeding season.  Researchers analyzed this as a brief escape to more pleasant weather in ...

Sudden, Unusual Migration

They can detect low pressure associated with a coming storm and any other weather changes. Birds always settle down and allow the bad weather to pass to save their lives.


A Guide To Birds Behavior Before A Storm