A Guide To Transplant Shock Recovery Time

It is essential to consider the transplant shock recovery time before transplanting your plants so that you give them ample time to harden off.

Transplant Shock Recovery Time

Smaller transplants - about 6-12 inches tall. Medium-sized transplants - about 12-18 inches tall. Large transplants -  about 18-24 inches tall. 

Watering - Keep your container or pot watered during the transplanting process.  Fertilizing -After planting, fertilize your plants as needed. Monitoring - Check your plants daily for the first week or two after planting.  Pest control - void pests by keeping your plants clean and pest-free before you plant them.

Planting Tips To Help The Transplant Shock Recovery Time

Tips On How To Keep Transplants Alive After You Bring Them Home

• Keep your plants cool. • Move the plants slowly. • Place the pots on a flat surface. • Keep them dry. • Keep them clean. • Keep them upright. • Transport them in the morning.

Step 1: Prepare the soil Step 2: Select your seedlings Step 3: Remove the seedlings from their nursery Step 4: Transplant the seedlings Step 5: Water the seedlings Step 6: Check your seedlings

The Best Time To Transplant Your Seedlings

Every plant’s transplant shock recovery time depends on how you handle the transplants. For instance, if you use an organic fertilizer containing humic acids, the transplant shock recovery time may be shorter than using a conventional fertilizer. 


A Guide To Transplant Shock Recovery Time