A Snake Plant With Holes In Its Leaves

The snake plant is an amazing house plant – shown by NASA to actually be one of the better purifiers of air that you can grow in your house! The leaves are the primary attraction of these plants

Understanding Snake Plants

Snake plants are often thought to be one species – commonly the west African plant, Dracaena trifasciata (used to be Sansevieria trifasciata).

These plants grow underground via Rhizomes and send shoots of leaves to the surface. The Rhizomes are really strong and can punch under rocks, through cracks and holes in walls.

How Do Snake Plants Grow

Leaf Brix

Brix is a measure of the percentage of dissolved solids in solution (roughly). So if some plant sap has a Brix of 12, it means it has 12% sugars and salts etc in the sap. This is a good number.

A quick trawl through the internet sees a number of people saying that holes in the leaves can be caused by snails and slugs.

Snails and Slugs

When I see a Snake plant with holes in its leaves, this is my first diagnosis. If these plants get too hot during the day, sections of the leaves can actually cook and die in the Sun. 

Burning of the leaves

A snake plant that has well-drained soil, enough hours of dappled indirect sunlight, a cooler night temperature, and occasional watering will thrive.


A Snake Plant With Holes In Its Leaves