All You Need To Know About Jade Plant Aerial Roots 

Jade plant aerial roots are common if you are growing this plant and are believed to appear due to a lack of adequate water.

Why Do Jade Plant Aerial Roots Appear? – Jade Plant Aerial Roots 

The reason for the root is to obtain water. In a similar way, you can use the leaves as well, if the plant is not too big, then it will not be efficient.

Keep it Well-watered. Water the plant regularly, using a watering can or a sprayer. 

How Can I Take Care Of My Jade Plant?

Keep the Plant in A Sunny Window. The Jade plant requires plenty of sun when growing.

Keep the Temperature Around 18°C to 25°C (64°F to 77°F).

Use Fertilizer in The Form of A Liquid. It is best to use a fertilizer that is specifically for houseplants.  

Remove Any Dead Leaves From The Plant. Dead leaves stagnate your plant and cause it not to grow properly.

Keep Your Plant Insect-free. Insects can sometimes be a problem, especially with the jade plant. 

Pinch Off Flower Buds to Encourage New Growth.  

Growing Jade Plant – Jade Plant Aerial Roots

The Jade plant is a very popular indoor plant. It requires little attention to grow and looks great in any home or office.

The jade plant aerial roots appear commonly when the plant is not well watered.  That’s why it’s important to water your plants thoroughly to ensure they are being fed from the nutrients in the soil.  


All You Need To Know About Jade Plant Aerial Roots