Aloe Plant Falling Over: Avoid The 7 Common Mistakes

Having an aloe plant falling over is not a good sight and means you’re doing something wrong. Whether it be the whole pot tipping over or the leaves dropping, you’re in for an investigation.

Aloe Plant’s Natural Form

There are several aloe species, with the aloe vera being the most common houseplant.

When you’re someone with limited gardening experience, it’s not uncommon to forget your plants or go overboard with caring. 

Why Is My Aloe Plant Drooping

Aloe plants are succulents and do best when you forget to water them. But skipping too much watering leads the plant to suck moisture from the leaves. Then the leaves wilt and droop.

Watering Problems

Aloe left in the dark can develop runny leaves or completely stop growing. On the other hand, exposing the aloe to too much sunlight can cause burns.

Insufficient Light

Aloe plants thrive at a tropical temperature and don’t require any humidity. Some species can survive temperatures as low as 35°F, but the common aloe vera is fragile below 55°F. 

Temperature Shock

As the aloe grows, the roots develop, and the pot becomes insufficient. The amount of soil no longer provides the necessary nutrients, and the space puts strain on the development. 

Pot Size

Aphids are the number one pest that loves to feed on aloe leaves. They such on the gel, depriving the leaves of moisture and resulting in the aloe plant falling over.


Aloe is a hardy plant, but it can suffer root damage and fungal disease. Root rot results from overwatering or poor drainage and often leads to soft, mushy roots. 

Diseases That Cause Aloe Plants To Droop

Why A Top Heavy Aloe Plant Tips Over

If your aloe has grown so much that it tips over, you’re doing an extraordinary job! 

A droopy aloe plant is a sign of improper care, pests, or disease. Make sure you're watering your plant according to its needs, provide at least 6 hours of sunlight and keep it at an ideal temperature. 

Why does my aloe plant not stand up?

An aloe plant falling over is a sight of oversights in care. Stick to the recommended watering schedule except for when your plant is under intense sunlight most of the day. Check for pests and diseases.


Aloe Plant Falling Over: Avoid The 7 Common Mistakes