Aloe Plant Temperature: Can It Survive Below 55°F

Finding the ideal aloe plant temperature is not complicated; all you have to do is remember that the aloe is succulent and loves warmth. Moving your pots inside as temperatures drop can be a hassle.

Aloe Vera Temperature – What Does Your Plant Need

Artificial Light And Temperature - Aloe vera needs sunlight at least 6 to 8 hours of bright sunlight. When you can’t naturally provide this amount of light, you might reach for artificial lighting. 

Can You Keep Aloe Vera Outside In Winter?  - The lowest aloe plant temperature for survival is 35°F and only for a short period. A whole night outdoors can cause damage beyond repair. 

Aloe Vera Plant Temperature In Winter

How To Provide The Ideal Temperature For Aloe Vera Plant

After purchasing your aloe vera plant, it’s time to research the best location in your home. It needs a full day of sunlight, but exposing it too quickly to intense light leads to burns and dried-out leaf tips. 

Start by bringing the plant inside. Inspect the plant for any mushy and glossy leaves. If you have an established plant that is a couple of years old, check the tips first. Older plants are hardy and won’t die as easily as a new fragile plant.

How To Revive A Freeze Damaged Aloe Plant

The optimal aloe plant temperature is anywhere between 50 and 85. Different aloe species can survive temperatures as low as 25, but the aloe vera is a tropical plant and prefers a warmer climate.


Aloe Plant Temperature: Can It Survive Below 55°F