Aloe Vera Leaves Not Plump

All the grace and benefits of the aloe are packed in the long pointy leaves, but sometimes the aloe vera leaves are not plump and start drooping.

Is A Skinny Aloe Plant Normal

Skinny aloe is a sign that something is not right with the condition you’ve provided for it. The common problem is the location. The aloe vera needs 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Lack of sunlight results in leggy, skinny, and runny plants.

Most often, thin aloe vera leaves indicate that your plant is not getting watered as much as it requires. You should leave the aloe thirsty most of the time, but if you stretch this period longer than optimal, the plant draws all the water from its leaves. As a result, the leaves become thin, dry, and limp.

But, Why Are My Aloe Leaves Thin?

How To Prevent Thin Aloe Leaves

It’s best to prevent a leggy plant before you have to fix it. Once you get your aloe vera, plant it in a mix of well-draining soil, gravel, and sand. Pick a pot with drainage holes.

Are your aloe vera leaves getting brown too? Direct sunlight is the leading cause of browning and wilting aloe leaves. Intense sunlight can burn the leaves, causing dry tips, yellowing, and eventually wilting. It also dries out the soil quicker, requiring regular watering.

Brown Aloe Vera Leaves

Try to change the position to a one with at least 6 hours of sunlight. Compensate with artificial light if the weather is too cloudy for a longer time. Or rotate positions it every once in a while.


Aloe Vera Leaves Not Plump