Aloe With Spikes: What's That All About?

Aloe is a good plant to have as a houseplant because they are easy to grow and doesn’t require too tedious maintenance. 

Does aloe have spikes?

Aloe plants certainly have spikes that are sharp and they spines are found on the edges of their leaves. 

These spikes are not so harmful or poisonous; but notwithstanding, you should still take care when you handle the plant.

What is the thing growing out of my aloe plant?

The things you see growing out of your aloe plant is known as thorns or spikes.

These spikes helps the plant conserve water during very dry season.

The plant Aloe Vera is known to be a desert plant that has the ability to thrive in very hot and dry weather. 

Aloe With Spikes: What's That All About?

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