An In-depth Look At How To Plant Cannas Bulbs

How to plant cannas bulbs is the first step in growing this bold, tall, and colorful flowers that grow from a rhizome.

How To Plant Canna Bulbs

How do you plant canna bulbs?  Canna lilies are grown from seed, rhizome, or a potted plant.

Canna lilies are native to the tropical climates of South and North America. These plants thrive in hot temperatures, with the planting time being spring or early summer.

When Is The Best Time To Plant Cannas Bulbs?

The Ideal Place To Plant Cannas Bulbs

Cannas bulbs thrive in USDA hardiness zones 7 and above. They like hot and humid weather. This plant grows as a perennial in USDA hardiness zones 8 and above.

Once your canna lilies have sprouted from the rhizomes and are growing, it is easy to care for them.

Canna Lily Care

The foliage and flowers of Canna lilies are beautiful and full of color. The most common colour is green. Canna lily varieties like Wyoming Canna, Black Knight Canna, and Red King Humbert Canna have beautiful deep purple to bronze coloured foliage. .

Canna Flower Colors

Gardeners in USDA hardiness zones 3 to 7 will need to store the canna bulbs over winter. You will need to dig these bulbs from the garden and store them if you want to plant the same bulbs the following year.

Overwintering Canna Lilies

How to plant cannas bulbs is pretty easy and straightforward, and every gardener can grow these bold plants. The bottom line of each plant is to provide the proper growing conditions and growing maintenance.


An In-depth Look At How To Plant Cannas Bulbs