Are Gladiolus Annuals Or Prennials?

Are gladiolus annuals or perennials?  Let’s look at growing this flower as an annual or perennial, including the zones it does well.

Are Gladiolus Annuals Or Perennials?

Gladiolus bulbs can grow as either annuals or perennials, depending on your area’s climate and weather.

Gladiolus plants have flat, sword-like leaves growing in a fan-shaped pattern. They get flowers appearing on tall spikes, with each tip produced by single corn.

Gladiolus Growth Habit

Growing Gladiolus As Annuals

These plants are technically perennials, but most gardeners swear by growing them as annuals.  Growing them as annuals means you need to bring plant them each year in the spring after the danger of frost has passed.

Many people make the mistake of digging up your gladiolus corms too early before the foliage has died.

Digging Up Your Gladiolus

Once you have successfully dug your bulbs, it’s best to store them properly to avoid killing them.  You have already done too much work to want to destroy them. When storing, cut the plant’s top leaving a bit of stem above the bulb, and remove excess soil.  Corms need curing for about 3 weeks in a warm, dry indoor location with good air circulation.

Storing Gladiolus Bulbs

Before storing, remove any shriveled ones and any that are not in good shape.  Store your healthy corms at 35 to 45 degrees F in cloth or paper, net, or old nylons hose bags.


Are Gladiolus Annuals Or Prennials?