Are green onion stem safe to eat?

Have you come across an onion with stem and wondered what to do with it? Onions can develop stems that are edible and, in fact, very delicious.

Onion Stem Type

Onion is not a root, but it’s not a stem either. The root of the onion is a bulb or a modified, underground stem.

Onions are storage bulbs that are capable of regrowing. 

Why Do Onions Develop Stems

Sprouted Onion Vs Spring Onion

They’re planted from seed in fall and harvested in spring, hence their name. 

They develop small white or red bulbs and long green stems. They pack an intense onion flavor.

If you feel weird about eating onion with stem, you can do many other things to use it up! 

What To Do With Onion Stems

Plant Sprouted Onion

Take your onion bulb and peel the brown layer like you would before cooking it.

Chop the Stems in A Salad

If your onion with stem has already grown too much, you can cut the stems and use them in a salad, omelets, or other dishes.

When kept in a warm spot with plenty of sunlight, onions can start to sprout. 

Are green onion stem safe to eat?

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