Are Hydrangeas Annuals Or Perennials?

Are hydrangeas annuals or perennials shrubs that you can expect to bloom every year, or they die after blooming one season? If you want a flower that spells out an appeal, by all means, hydrangea flowers are the best—large globes of bloom cover this shrub in summer and spring.

Are Hydrangeas Annuals Or Perennials?

Hydrangeas are perennial shrubs; this means they come back every year. That said, in some cases when grown in greenhouses or sold off as gift plants, they grow as annuals because they don’t come back after harvesting the bloom.

Hydrangeas are woody perennials that go through a dormant stage in winter, grow back in spring, shooting new growths, and producing flowers throughout spring and summer.

When Do Hydrangeas Bloom?

1. The Best Time To Plant Hydrangeas: This is to give the shrub plenty of time to establish a robust root system before flowering. 2. Location: Hydrangeas love the bright morning sun, but they hate the afternoon sun.  3. Soil:  Good drainage is essential to ensure the ground does not hold too much water.

Growing Hydrangeas

Types Of Hydrangeas Both Annuals And Perennials

- Bigleaf Hydrangea - Oakleaf Hydrangea - Smooth Hydrangea  - Panicle Hydrangea - Mophead Hydrangea  - French Hydrangea

Types Of Hydrangeas Both Annuals And Perennials

- Endless Summer Hydrangea  - Peegee Hydrangea - Lacecap Hydrangea   - Blue Hydrangea  - Mophead Hydrangea  - Pink Hydrangea

Yes, it is possible to change these flowers’ colors, but not at once. Color change takes weeks or even months. After planting, please wait for the plant to be at least two years old to allow it a chance to recuperate from the shock of planting.

You Can Alter Your Hydrangea Flower?

Are Hydrangeas Annuals Or Perennials?

Are hydrangeas annuals or perennials has been answered in the above writeup, and additional information about this plant provided. As perennials, hydrangeas go dormant during winter with a promise of coming back again in spring.