Are Iris Deer Resistant?

Deer, despite being lovely animals, can be a real menace when it comes to gardening, which is why many gardeners ask are iris deer resistant.

Are Iris Deer Resistant?

Luckily for you, there are a lot of plants that deer simply won’t eat. We call these plants ‘deer resistant’, be it because they’re bad-tasting or toxic.

Deadheading is an integral part of daffodil care after blooming. It brings your daffodil plant back to its original condition.  More importantly, it is going to make the plant ready for next year’s bloom. 

Plants Deer Like to Eat

Plants Deer Dislike

The main reason deer will stay away from a plant is toxicity! If a plant is poisonous, deer won’t eat it. Another reason deer will stay away from is taste – they prefer plants that taste good to them.

The most obvious solution would be installing a fence! If installing a 7-foot-tall fence is an option for you, then you should definitely take it.

Building A Deer Resistant Garden

Deer Will Avoid People

Use A Motion – Activated Sprinkler

We only recommend using this if you’re absolutely sure it won’t harm your plants, but motion-activated sprinklers are sure to scare the deer off! 

Deer repellants are very effective products. They work with scent and taste – the deer trying to hold a feast in your garden will smell it and it will likely turn around and leave. 

Use Deer Repellants

Many plants that you find a place for in your garden may end up as food for a deer. If you want to avoid that, you should try planting only deer-resistant plants. 


Are Iris Deer Resistant?