Are Leaf-Footed Bugs Harmful To Humans?

Are leaf-footed bugs harmful to humans is a question that many ask after noticing clusters of them hanging out on fruit trees.

How to Identify the Leaf-footed Bug

Before we find out if these bugs are harmful or not, let’s learn how to identify them. It is best to identify them at any stage of their cycle from egg to adult.

No, they are not harmful to humans! Leaffooted bugs do minimal damage to your garden too unless the population gets out of control. Their needle-like bites in leaves and fruits are hard to see and can be tolerated in most cases.

Are Leaf Footed Bugs Harmful to Humans?

Although we have seen that they do little harm to the plants, if the population is not controlled, they can do lots of damage and become a pest. It is advisable to use natural methods to get rid of ...

Controlling the Leaf-Footed Bug

Are Leaf-Footed Bugs Harmful To Humans?


We have not only answered the scariest question but we have also learned a thing or two about this leaf-footed bug. Next time you notice them or their eggs you now know what to do.