Are Polka Dot Plants Perennials? – A Quick Look

Are polka dot plants perennials or annuals? Do they overwinter and regrow again in the spring, or do they die and need to be replanted again?

What Is Polka Dot Plant?

Polka dot plant is scientifically known as hypoestes sanguinolenta. It belongs to the hypoestes genus with over 100 species. 

Depending on where you’re growing your polka dot plants, they can be both animal or perennial plants. They can be grown in USDA zones 3 to 10 indoors as perennials and outdoors as annuals. When produced outside, they tend to grow bigger, reaching up to 1 to 1.5 ft tall.

Are Polka Dot Plants Perennials Or Annuals?

Polka Dot Plant Lifespan

Polka dot plant has oval leaves covered in spots of different colors. 

-Pinch off the flowers as they develop to encourage leaf growth and delay plant death. -Prune your polka dot plant regular to promote a bushy appearance and prevent flowering ...

Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Polka Dot Plant Perennial Or Annual

Breeders have developed many polka dot plant varieties that differ in the color of their leaves. Some have green mottled spotting, while others have dotted color hues. There are purple, scarlet, white, and lavender speckled leaves.

Polka Dot Plant Varieties You Can Grow Perennials Or Annuals

The polka dot plant has striking foliage perfect for ground cover or filler outdoor gardens. They also do well indoors, providing a beautiful splash of color for rooms in need of a bit of brightening.


Are Polka Dot Plants Perennials? – A Quick Look