Are Snake Plants Outdoor Plants?

Are snake plants outdoor plants or do they only thrive indoors?  This article will look into details on how to grow a snake plant.

So Are Snake Plants Outdoor Plants?

Well, in the right environment, they can grow just as well outside as inside.  They do prefer slightly warmer temperatures though, as they can only survive below ...

Now that we can answer the question, are snake plants outdoor plants, let’s see what caring for these plants entails. Growing snake plant outdoors requires ...

Caring For A Snake Plant Growing Outdoors


Snake plants thrive in temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures below 55 degrees F can cause your snake plants to grow too quickly and outgrow their space, while ...

Snake plants are usually fed by foliar fertilization. This is done by applying liquid fertilizer to the leaves of your snake plant via a spray bottle or a drip system.


It is important to be aware that snake plants require an environment that has consistent temperatures, and high levels of humidity. Snake plants do not tolerate extreme changes in ...


So are snake plants outdoor plants?  Yes, snake plants are both indoor and outdoor plants.


Are Snake Plants Outdoor Plants?