Are Snakes In The Garden Good?

You might find many animals in your garden, including snakes, making gardeners wonder are snakes in the garden good? On a positive note, snakes are carnivores, meaning that they only eat meat. 

Are Snakes Good For The Garden?

Unlike other animals, such as deer or rabbits, snakes are great for your garden! Most snakes are near the bottom of the food chain, as they mostly feed on small vermin and sometimes insects.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to leave it alone. It’d be great if you could identify the snake. If you notice a garter snake, which is a non-venomous and an extremely common snake, just back away.

What To Do With A Garden Snake?

What Attracts Snakes To Your Garden?

Snakes need several things to thrive in an environment; shelter, enough sun, and enough shade, a source of food, and water. If there’s a snake in your garden for a longer period of time, that means that there’s plenty of food for it there.

Possibly the most common snake in gardens is the garter snake. There are actually many subspecies of this snake and it’s present across most climate zones on Earth. They primarily feed on slugs, large insects, and small rodents. 

Most Common Snakes In Gardens

To sum up, snakes are definitely good for your garden! These animals are incredible tools when it comes to the control of pests and vermin. Most snakes you’ll come across in your garden are completely harmless, but it’s best to keep your distance until you identify the exact species. 


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