Asparagus Fern Indoor Plant Care – A Complete Guide

Full information on Asparagus fern indoor plant care is all you need to grow this amazing plant that is not a common houseplant. 

How to Identify Asparagus Fern Plant

Asparagus fern leaves are identified as tiny branchlets called cladophylls. They are flat and look like actual leaves. Mature asparagus fern plants become woody ...

If you live in planting zones of 9 or above, you can easily grow your asparagus fern outdoors. In all other zones, it is grown indoors as a houseplant.

Asparagus Fern Indoor Plant Care Conditions

This plant thrives in a good light when planted indoors. Keep it out of direct bright sunlight but give it plenty of light and it will thrive. Keep it next to a window that allows light in ...


Temperature and Humidity

It is necessary to have enough temperature (around 70 degrees, not below 55 degrees). This is the right environment in the indoor area that you want to grow the asparagus ...

Use loose well-drained soil when planting your fern in pots or containers. Asparagus fern tolerates slightly acidic soil conditions.


Keep the fern well watered in all seasons. Keeping it well hydrated takes a little effort. As we have seen above, this plant thrives on humidity and the indoor climate can often ...

Adequate Water

Asparagus Fern Indoor Plant Care – A Complete Guide

This plant is a darling because of its fluffiness. Its texture is quite different compared to other plants yet is easy to grow.