Bacterial Soft Rot Jade Plant: What To Do With This Issue

Jade plant may be an easy-to-maintain houseplant, but a few issues may arise with this plant. Bacterial soft rot jade plant is one situation that can cause serious issues to your jade plant if you do not act fast to tackle the situation.

Jade Plant Bacterial Soft Rot: What Is Exactly Is This Situation?

Bacterial soft rot jade plant is a plant issue that occurs on the plant of jade plant and it is caused by a bacteria known as Erwinia.

When trying to manage the situation, it is important you act fast in all this. So, follow the tips below to manage the problem:

Helpful Tips That Can Manage The Situation Of Bacterial Soft Rot

Once you notice some problem with your jade plant, try to inspect the plant so you can properly identify the situation.

1. Plant Inspection And The Issue

2. Plant Isolation – Bacterial Soft Rot Jade Plant

After identifying that the issue you’re facing is bacterial soft rot, it is crucial you isolate the plant from other plants. 

If you were able to catch the situation on time, you can quickly take away the parts that are affected.

3. Take Away Parts Affected By The Bacteria And Discard The Soil

Once you’ve taken away the affected parts, just transplant your jade plant into a new pot. Doing this can supply better growing conditions for the plant.

4. Transplant

Usually, because this problem arises from wet conditions because the bacteria thrive in such conditions, you need to give the plant good airflow.

5. Improve Air Circulation

As you’re trying your possible best to manage the circumstances, ensure you don’t over-water your plant. 

6. Avoid Over-watering – Bacterial Soft Rot Jade Plant

Other Jade Plant Diseases

Apart from bacterial soft rot, jade plants also face other plant diseases and some include:

Black ring in jade plant is caused by a virus and it leaves black rings under the leaves of this plant.

1. Black Ring

This powdery mildew is caused by fungi and this comes in form of white to gray coating over the leaves or even other parts of the jade plant.

2.Powdery Mildew

Jade plant can face some plant problems even if they are easy simple houseplant that is easy to maintain. Bacterial soft rot jade plant is one common problem this houseplant can face and it is important you do the right thing when you notice this problem.


Bacterial Soft Rot Jade Plant: What To Do With This Issue