Best Gas String Trimmer of 2021

Nobody enjoys having weeds and long grass choking out their lawn and sprouting around fences and walkways, but it can be difficult to get rid of them.

What Is a String Trimmer?

A string trimmer is a specific edging tool that consists of a long shaft, handle, small engine, and then a head that contains a spool of tough monofilament string. When ...

Not all gas string trimmers are the same. Some will have more power than others, and the sheer force of the vibrations produced by the engine varies.

What to Know When Picking a String Trimmer

This product stands out from the competition by having dimensions of 12.2 x 10.2 x 40 in. but weighing a mere 11 lbs., making it one of the most ...

Husqvarna Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer 128LD 

Poulan Pro PR25SD Gas String Trimmer

This string trimmer is one of the easiest to use because it utilizes a dual-line feed Tap’N Go head. With this style, all someone has to do is tap the trimmer ...

Unlike other gas string trimmers, this model combines the function of the trimmer with that of a brush cutter, allowing users to tear down all ...

Sunseeker BCI52 2-in-1 Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer

Best Gas String Trimmer of 2021

Although all of these models are great, the best one is the Sunseeker BCI52 2-in-1 Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer.