Best Time to Transplant Trees

Trees are wonderful plants, they provide shade and many other benefits. They also help conserve our natural ecosystem and fight against global warming. What might be the best time to transplant trees?

What is the Best Time to Transplant Trees

In order to understand how the seasons of the year work in line with transplanting trees and generally tendering to plants, we will look at a review of all four seasons and let you in on the best time to carry out that tree transplanting.

Say to no summer when it comes to transporting trees. It is the least ideal time to do that. If you live in hotter regions, you know summer feels like the sun is directly sitting on your roof and that situation clearly suggests that any idea relating to transplanting whether a tree or not should be ditched.


Evergreen trees would thank you for transplanting them during early fall. The fall season is fairly a good time for transplanting trees but not ideal in its entirety since it works excellently for evergreen trees.

Best Time to Transplant Trees: Fall/Autumn

The spring season is by far the best time of the year to transplant trees because most trees are still in their dormant stages by then, and by the way, the dormant stage of a tree is the best time to transplant it where it has no leaves.


Just like its contrasting climate partner – summer, winter is the worst time of the year to transplant any plant. The ground is frozen and digging will be hellish. Snows are everywhere and there’s just too much moisture for the plant to contain.


– Water the tree a day to the transplanting to make it easier to dig out from the root. – Not all trees are fit for transplanting, ensure you understand the nature of the tree you are about transplant. Tough trees can handle being uprooted and replanted, feeble ones won’t even survive after the uprooting. An expert can study the tree and know if it’s worth digging out. – Never dig around the root until you are ready to uproot.

Handy Tips to Note about Transplanting

Best Time to Transplant Trees

Choose your new location wisely. Don’t transplant your tree to a location worse than the previous one. Study the tree’s new environment. Ensure there are not too many plants around it that will be contending for the mutual water in the soil. Ensure the tree has ample space to stretch and grow.