Brown Spots On Schefflera Leaves – Is It A Disease?

You take pride in the care you dedicate to your plants, but then you notice brown spots on Schefflera leaves and wonder what went wrong? 

Why Are The Leaves On My Schefflera Turning Brown

Schefflera is a common houseplant that is tolerant to pests or diseases.

Schefflera is a low-maintenance plant that makes a great addition to your home. They’re a hardy plant that can live for many years. Schefflera is popular as a natural air purifier for your home.

Are Schefflera Easy To Grow?

To determine the cause for brown spots on Schefflera leaves, look back on the watering schedule. Is your plant getting the necessary water? Schefflera needs frequent watering. 

Prevent The Schefflera Leaves Turning Brown

Planting And Growing A Schefflera Plant

Schefflera is a beginner-friendly plant that doesn’t require much attention. 

Schefflera can be grown outdoors in a tropical climate, in USDA Hardiness zones 10 to 12. It can be planted in partial or complete shade and requires well-draining, rich soil. 

Is Schefflera An Indoor Plant

This plant is toxic for both pets and humans. The sap that appears when you cut a leaf in half is irritating to the skin. Use gloves and handle with caution.

How Toxic Is It?

The Schefflera has a habit of changing leaves so old, sick, and tired leaves will fall out on their own. But beware that they might not grow back in the same spot.

Can You Remove Schefflera Brown Leaves

You can propagate healthy Schefflera leaves and grow new plants. Start by cutting a small stem off the plant with green leaves.

Can You Propagate Schefflera Leaves?

Bottom Line: Causes For Brown Spots On Schefflera Leaves

The common cause for brown spots on Schefflera leaves are problems with water, sunlight, and stress. However, it’s not a sign of disease or pest as the Schefflera is a resistant and hardy plant.