Bugs On Kale – Mitigation Plans

Bugs on kale can be pretty annoying. The good news is that there can be hope when it comes to finding an effective solution to this issue.

Common Bugs Of Kale Plant

There are different bugs that are common to kale plants. Some of them include aphids, flea beetles, thrips, cabbage butterflies, harlequin bugs, whiteflies, and stink bugs.

At some point during your farming period, there are chances that your plants will experience a bugs attack. 

Bugs On Kale: How To Mitigate The Situation

Bugs On Kale Identification

The first step to solving bugs attacks on your garden plant is to identify the type of bugs you are dealing with.

Aphids are one common bug known to infest or attack kale. They are soft-bodied small insects with sucking mouthparts. 

1. Aphid

Flea beetles are tiny and they love to chew on kale leaves and they leave tiny pits and holes in the leaves.

2. Flea Beetles – Bugs On Kale

You can identify harlequin bugs with their shielded shape with black and red or black and yellow markings. Harlequin bugs possess sucking mouthparts that use in drinking the sap from leaves.

3. Harlequin Bug – Bugs On Kale

You may find white bugs such as whiteflies on the leaves on your basil and kale. 


What are the small white bugs on my basil and kale?

Once you notice any cluster of dusty bugs on your kale, you may have an aphid infestation.

What are dusty bugs on kale?

To get rid of bugs you may find on your kale and cabbage, simply spray them with a strong force of water such as a hose. You can also use natural insecticides such as Diatomaceous earth (DE).

What to use to get rid of bugs on kale and cabbage?

You can kill bugs kale naturally by simply handpicking them and placing them inside soapy water.

How to kill bugs on kale naturally?

Bugs on kale can be a worrisome issue for many gardeners. Fortunately, there are things you can do to solve the situation and we have listed some solutions for you in this post.


Bugs On Kale – Mitigation Plans